Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bring on Summer

School is now over for Max and Ivanna. Ahhhhhh SUMMER (YAY!!) This means late nights playing outside, lunches at home, walks to the park, and most importantly: sleeping IN!!

We have been busy, busy, busy. Many appointments and various other activities have been happening as of late. I will fill you in as we go.

Justus is just having a snack and listening to piano practice. 

Justus has had a few appointments with ENT, Ophthalmology, and some hearing testing. His hearing is a bit impaired due to tubes being out and some fluid in the ear. He also has large tonsils and possibly needs them removed along with adenoids. We will wait for a few months - and then possibly do all at once. He was given a stronger prescription for glasses to help with far-sightedness. He is doing very well - and is keeping me on my toes!

 A little hard work in the yard, and a man can lose his trousers ...

We have discovered that Max needs hearing aids. His hearing is in the tank. So ... we are hopeful that with the hearing aids, he will be able to pick up on more sound, and thus imitate that sound - and better the potential to be more verbal. We are hopeful!!

These pictures above are of Ivanna signing 'more'. A huge accomplishment!!

Swinging is one of Justus' most favorite thing to do!

... and eating... 
that's a favorite too

... and mess making...
that's also a favorite
(don't be fooled by this picture that makes it look as if he is 'washing' the bowl - this kid is ALL ABOUT mess making)


Ivanna and her pretty little self ...
(I had just recently cut her hair - pretty cute stuff she is)

Justus is excelling physically. He is getting better at the trampoline and climbing on the play structure in our back yard. Very grateful for his little body getting stronger and doing so well.

Justus turned FOUR in May

Isaac doing Isaac poses ...

Gabe being bashful

Ethan so happy to be on a museum adventure

Chloe being cute in the back yard. With rain boots. And shorts. Together.

Ivanna. So pretty. See the difference in two years?

Ivanna has surgery on Monday to replace ear tubes, remove her tonsils and check to make sure her adenoids have not grown back. She will stay in the hospital over night, to monitor her for any complications. The reason for removing her tonsils is due to severe sleep apnea that a sleep study revealed. 

Max with two of his aunties. We were able to go to the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle recently with family. It was pretty fun and I recommend you try it out if in Seattle.

Ellie girl looking so pretty!

Justus is trying to 'get' potty training ...

This sequence of pictures is showing how I am trying to get Ivanna used to holding her own food. Currently she will eat, but if it doesn't involve a spoon - we need to hold the food for her and she will bite and chew. I would LOVE if she could and would feed herself completely! I have a feeling we need to overcome some sensory issues to do so.

That's it for now!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Upcoming Sleep Study

(this is an older picture - I just gave Ivanna a hair cut, and she looks super cute - will post soon)

Quick post. Ivanna has a sleep study scheduled tomorrow. I ask for prayer that all is ok. She saw an ENT last week, who - because of the size of her tonsils, and her snoring - grew concerned. He wanted a sleep study done ASAP to determine wether she has sleep apnea. The clinic called and scheduled it right away - and I had one choice - this Tuesday (tomorrow) or wait until August. The nurse stated I really only had one choice per the doctor's request. ;) So ... Tuesday it was. 

This is turning out to be a crazy busy week, 
but again - that seems to be how the Browning clan rolls.

Will keep you posted, and thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 15, 2013

April Update

I hope your Spring is a wee bit more warm than ours is here in Seattle. It's chilly out! Today on the way to church, I even noticed snow on the ground!! Say what!?! Tulips are supposed to be in bloom, not covered in white stuff!

Well, here are some faces to warm your hearts. Max turned eight in February, and I think I may have forgotten to post some pictures. So here are a few. The first one is from his classroom. Can you tell from his smile that he absolutely loves school? 

I love this little peanut. He is such a joyful child, unless he doesn't feel good - then at most, he cries and whimpers. He has the most beautiful giggle, and it seems to be contagious. His eyes twinkle and have beautiful brushfield spots that allow the light to dance in them. He is an amazing little boy, and as I have stated before - I often (especially on his birthday) pray for his biological mother, as I can not imagine the heart ache of having to leave him in the orphanage when he was a year and a half old. I can only imagine that she was trying to best care for him, and love him - despite any emotions she struggled with. I owe her, for choosing life for Max. 

Happy birthday to my tiny little 8 year old, who still wears a 4T and despite your small stature - made such a big impact in this family. 

Justus is a nut for books, and sitting as if he is reading them.
He also loves his ipad 'movie' time, and briefly allowed for Ivanna to partake in the fun.

 On the top is an 'after' picture of over 2 years home. The picture on the bottom is while in country still.

 I LOVE this picture. This is totally little Miss Sassy pants, giving me the stink eye.

Justus and his antics. Always with the antics.

So as mentioned in a previous post, I eluded to the fact that Ivanna had some medical stuff we were exploring. Being so close to the Children's hospital has allowed me more time to delve into options/care/resources that I otherwise, wouldn't have if I were still in Port Orchard and so far away. We now have Ivanna on the Autism Clinic's waiting list - which by the way, is EIGHT MONTHS long. *sigh* I'm looking forward to a consultation, as it might help us obtain more resources, since the world of Autism has much more funding, as well as tools that are available. 
Meanwhile, we have had Ivanna seen by the neurodevelopmental team at the hospital. This has been very helpful, and has set to motion many other appointments that range from sleep studies, feeding therapies, ENT, eye appointments, etc. The approach is one that encompasses the whole body - and locating ANY problems, that might be affecting her ability to socialize, or learn - and then either correcting the problem, or learning to cope in a way that helps her overcome. Anyhow, it has been very helpful.  

One lab result that has come back has shown that both her and Justus have a thyroid level that is slightly off. So, we will recheck that in a few months, and then go from there. Thyroid issues are not uncommon for children with Ds.

Ivanna is really doing quite well, and she continually shows me how I underestimate her abilities. For instance, I NEVER thought she would EVER sign. It always seemed to me that she never slowed down enough to realize you wanted her to mimic a sign, let alone actually sign. Well. She proved me wrong ... again.

Ivanna can sign 'more' and 'please'. And I am TOTALLY astounded by this. Ivanna has a terrific teacher and aid at school. They completely blow my socks off with the work they do and the results they get - and this is no less. I will post a video soon of her signing. I am just so proud of that girl. She is simply amazing.

In other news: I'm totally craving my sister's potato salad. Warm.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little's Love


It seems to happen and chug along at such a pace at times that it is hard to keep up, 
and before you know it - it is slipping by.

I can not believe that it is almost March! Seems like it was just yesterday that I was Christmas shopping and decorating for the holidays.

I feel extremely blessed to have so much to do that keeps me busy and active. I can't imagine my life any other way. Well ... I can, but I would eventually become extremely bored.

This is what Justus thinks of being bored. 
Angry face!

Besides, who could be bored with this crew?

We love Dr. Seuss books around here. 
And GIGANTIC pink bowls. 
And sitting in GIGANTIC pink bowls while reading Dr. Seuss is the best!

Ya. I did it. Self portrait in the mirror with my Maximus.

This face is hard, so very very hard - to resist.


Justus recently had his annual cardiology check. This included an EKG & Echo cardiogram. 

It is always tricky to try and get Justus to be still during these procedures. I am usually trying to bribe him with snacks and suckers. 

This time - the iPad saved the day! 

The kid would not relinquish the iPad for ANYTHING. He LOVES watching movies on it and has the sign for 'movie' down pat.

EKG results were good! 

Ethan 'manned' Asher while I tended to Justus! 
Justus' echo also showed good images of his heart and valves. He still has a moderate pulmonary stenosis (small pulmonary valve). 
Valves are tricky in the sense that you can't fix them by operation. You either can stretch them out with a cath procedure, or replace the whole valve during an open heart surgery. As Justus grows, our first line of defense will be prayer. That his existing valve would grow along with him, allowing the best oxygen flow to his lungs. If the valve doesn't grow with him or possible constricts more - then there will be a cath procedure done. As Justus gets older, and bigger - another OHS (open heart surgery) may be needed to give him a brand new valve. 

For now. 
We are GOOD! ;)

This picture above shows how gentle my little Max is. He really is so sweet and gentle, as well as easy going. He is enchanted by Asher and often just stares at him. I wonder what floats through his little mind. I am grateful beyond words that Max has the opportunity to experience being a big brother. 

A while ago I posted that Max had a balding spot on his head. I had mentioned Alopecia. However, it was not that but a dermatitis that is being managed and seems to be healing nicely. That is an answer to prayer for me. 

Ivanna is doing well. I will update more about her in a different post - as we have begun a different journey with her and her medical/social needs.

*just a reminder*
This blog was designed specifically for our adoption and post adoption updates as well as anything related to Down syndrome. We do have another blog that is designed to update the happenings of our whole family. You can click here for that blog.

I only say that in case your new here and wonder why I never seem to mention anyone other than the 'littles' :)

Have a blessed day and enjoy breathing in and loving on your family.


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