Friday, July 22, 2011

A very quick update:

Little Miss America. July 2011.

She loved waving that beautiful flag around. I absolutely love this picture and all the symbolism.

Ivanna has a hard time with fine motor skills. She doesn't pincher grab too well, and more like scoops with her whole hand and shoves whatever she "catches" in her mouth. That's ok, but I am hoping for better. So, to help develop that - I have tried putting things into muffin tins to see if she can use her pincher skills. So far ... um ... well, we are still working. ;)

Ivanna continues to do very well. She is an amazing little girl with the most absolute resolve. This can be great, but it can also be a difficult thing when trying to help her gain ground to the next level of development. In other words: she is very stubborn. No doubt this helped her with survival while still in the orphanage, and really is not a big deal to overcome. Once she sees or experiences victory in an area, she seems to gain pleasure by the attention she gets and is happy with her new found accomplishments, thus - no more fight.

Ivanna is a little love bug. Always desiring attention from someone, or cuddles - or even a quick kiss to be sure she is "okay" with you. I often find that if I am on the floor doing something, she will toddle over and lean in (her way of kissing) and once I peck her on her cheek or kiss her little lips, she giggles and walks away - as if to say, "Okay, just wanted to check and see if everythings ok."

I'm going to be honest here: I really struggled the most with Ivanna when she first came home. Her needs were way more demanding than the other two who also have Ds. She couldn't feed herself even a bottle when she first arrived, didn't walk, had a lot of quirks and didn't seem "focused" on anything. It was a rough road at first. That wasn't Ivanna's fault, just a reality check for me. Having Ivanna has made me confront alot of inner faults that manifested themselves in an outward fashion. That was good, and I needed that. God knew.

In the seven months that Ivanna has been home, I have grown to love her more and more. A deep love. A very real admiration for her determination. She is an incredible little girl who has overcome much in her little life.

I was just praising and thanking the Lord yesterday for allowing my bond with Ivanna to grow deep.

*** look at this ***

Here she is playing with toys. She does this more and more now, and it is so sweet to watch. When in Europe, at the orphanage, she would not even hold a toy. You would put it in her hand, and it would promptly drop to the floor.

Max and his "bunny ears".

Max loves taking things that dangle and making it so that one half will flop in one direction and the other half flops in the other direction - kinda like bunny ears. He is OBSESSED with this shape or form of play.

Here he is with a favorite sofa pillow that has all kinds of little dangly things on it. He loves this pillow and we now call it the Max pillow.

Who would have thought?

Max is also doing well. Both kids have a slough of appointments next month. Ears, eyes, necks, and teeth are all scheduled to get the once over.

Seven months home so far: both kids have grown three inches, Ivanna has gained 10 pounds, Max has gained 8 pounds. Several things have been treated and corrected or in process, adjustment has gone very well. Max has started signing, and making oral sounds as if he is trying to be vocal - Ivanna has learned to feed herself with a spoon, walk, stopped eating her hands excessively, started giggling, cries with vocal crying now - instead of silent crying (yes - this is a great big GOOD THING), and I think I am starting to see signs of preference for Mom, Dad, and siblings over other people. All wonderful and positive things.

We Praise Our Lord for it All.

**A special thank you to all who offered prayer, and words of encouragement and support through the very recent loss of my father, every comment, every word and email was used to uplift me and my family and meant so much - really - I mean that. Thank you***

Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Important Pause

I know that many of you have followed along with our adoption journey and are anxious for pictures and posts of Ivanna and Max's progress. I know I haven't posted. This link below will explain why. I hope to continue to update, just right now we are focusing on what is before us.

Thank you for the prayer ...

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