Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Winners Are ...

First I would like to thank all those who shared/prayed/donated for this giveaway to be a blessing for the Burger family. A blessing indeed. It is true that the family is still in need of over $9,000.00 - but what a joy to report that as of today - because of all of you - they are closer than they were a few weeks ago. Thank you -

I also want to say thank you to my very sweet husband, Phillip. He stayed up with me last night, even though he gets up at 4am - to help me make a spreadsheet and get prepared to enter all the participants into the random number generating site. Thank you sweetheart - I love you and am grateful. ;)

Ok. So - let's get to it.

There were a total of 652 entries. This comprised of all who donated through the chip-in (via paypal) and so we were able to track all donations that way. We had donations via FSP - and were able to track that as well. Each entry was assigned a number - so if you gave enough for multiple entries - you were eligible to win multiple times based on that. However, if one entry already won - then that particular entry number was "retired". Make sense?

Winners: if you have been listed - please use the 'contact us' button at the top of this page and send us your email address along with the prize you won. Also, if you know of another person that won an item - help a sister out - and let them know! THANKS!


iPad2: Justin Haskins

Korker Bows: Deanna Sader

Matryoshka Doll: Justin Haskins

Tu-Tu Dress: Bethany Balsis

'An Extra Leaf' Poem: Gretchen Thibault

Bundle of Beach Glass: Judy Bateman

Flower Hair pretties: Stephanie Nance

'An Open Door' Book: Judy Bateman

Happy Hartman Hope Soap: Maria Falvo

Thomas Kinkade Gazebo: Gretchen Thibault

Gift Card: Lisa Pickens

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Delay

First, I am hoping all of you had a wonderful weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ. He has risen - he has risen indeed! We had ... an eventful Easter. The morning started with a very sweet friend coming from the nursery up to the youth class where I was to tell me Justus did not look right. The right side of his face was super swollen with a hard knot right in his upper jaw area that was HUGE. So ... not knowing what it was, and not wanting to take any chances - away to the ER we went. The conclusion: a swollen parotid gland. I had no clue there was such a gland - or that it could swell. No fever - just watch it for a couple of days. Feeling relieved, but a little like it was a trip for naught - we made the forty minute drive home to join up with family for lunch.

As we were winding down from visiting with family and packing kids and all their stuff up, little Ivanna decided she wanted to follow Daddy into another room. Daddy didn't know she was doing so, and shut the door behind him. Yes, you guessed it. Her finger was in the way. This is an older home with super heavy solid wood doors. As soon as Phillip heard her moan, he opened the door and our sweet Ivanna was there. It was a horrible picture and my heart sank. I was useless and a pool of tears as the ambulance was called. Her finger tip looked to be hanging and there was a lot of blood. The paramedics wrapped it and away we drove ... back to the same ER.

Ivanna's finger required seven stitches. It was a partial amputee with an open break. The tip had broken. She is fine now, on antibiotics and Ibuprofen for pain. Still seems to be bleeding a bit though. *sigh* She is such a little flower of a girl, it was terrible to watch her in pain.

All this to say ... I need to take this day and love on my babies. I will announce the winners on Wednesday. I hope you all understand. I am excited to see who the winner is and am so grateful to all of you for your support. Have a great day!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Leaving Soon for Brady

As we take a break from the giveaway for a couple of days and anticipate the winners (announced on Monday) I wanted to take a moment and share some more of how God has worked, has moved and the absolute awe I am in of the blessings abound - all out of a burden given by Him.

~ burdens turned to praise ~

This is Brady - well, that is his photolisting name. This little boy, and I do mean little, was spotted by another family almost a year ago. Tiny, and malnourished, Brady (soon to be known as Judd) had just been recently transferred to a very remote older boys mental institution. That hurts my heart to even utter. I look at his face and think there is no way he should be there, playing in the dirt mound he was seen to be in - with no toys, stimulation or truly an invested care.

Why is stimulation so important? Any child, if not stimulated or provoked to reach his or her milestones - will apathy in both skill and ability. Given that Brady has Down syndrome - and left to himself, he will never tap into the potentials that God has surely placed within him. I know from experience. Our little Ivanna had not been challenged to do much of anything. The result? A five year old girl with no knowledge of how to chew, feed herself, hold a toy, walk, or interact with others. Praise God, she is gaining victory in much of these areas, but it takes WORK and teaching, stimulation and challenging her.

Brady will slowly regress in ANY skill he may have learned in the orphanage (baby house) and apathy in those things if not challenged otherwise.

The Hartman family has stepped forward to rescue this little guy. They have taken a leap of faith, filled out more paperwork than seems fathomable, fundraised their eyeballs out, and now... well I am happy to report that they will be flying out on Mother's Day to go to Brady's country and meet him for the first time. How awesome is that? Mother's Day!?!

I. Am. Thrilled.

They have one LAST little fundraiser they are running. It ends: tomorrow (Easter Sunday). Please ... go there and check it out. If anything, drop a line of encouragement and PRAY for them.

Click here to visit the Hartman's blog to see their auction and follow their journey.

I am pretty sure you won't want to miss how their travels unfold. Remember, they are going to an institution, and not an orphanage. They need heavy prayer, and support. Let's be there for them.

Little Judd Hartman will look good amongst this bunch. Love you Hartman family! Can't wait to see you all together!

Friday, April 22, 2011

One Hour ...

~~ There is ONE HOUR left to our iPad2 Giveaway listed in the post below ~~

At noon today (PST) we will close this giveaway. However, I will leave the chip in up for those who still feel burdened and led to help the Burger family.

I can't express enough our gratitude for those who have been an encouragement by sharing/donating/praying.

~ Thank you ~

** A chance to win an iPad2 -- an opportunity to help save a LIFE **

Winners will be announced Monday.

Let's see what can happen in an hour ... ;)


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