Thursday, November 15, 2012

Crazy. Busy.

 Crazy Busy ...

... story of our lives here in the Browning home.

So. A bunch of things have happened over the last month. You can do a quick catch up over at our family blog here

Now that you are all caught up - I will leave you with some cute pictures.

Here are some pictures from our old house and Justus' first day of school there ...

Today we have determined that Justus will not be enrolling in the school system here. I have been so torn over this decision. We were trying to get him into the EEU at the UW, but unfortunately there are no spots available. We then were left with the decision of putting him into a developmental preschool, or not. I struggled slightly with this decision, just wanting to do what was right for my little buddy.  However, at the end of the day (and through prayer) we ultimately felt that he is STILL only three, and I do miss him terribly when he is gone and (I can admit it) worry. So, for now, our little Buggy Boy will stay home, helping mama with the laundry, making messes and shouting orders from his highchair.  

Ahhhhh ... it feels good knowing you made the right decision.

"Helping" mom with the laundry.

Best buds.

Our new family picture, taken by Jenny Savage - who is great at what she does!

We are hoping that our lives can find some calm routine soon. I have to admit, that all this packing, moving and unpacking as well as getting our other house ready for the rental market is ... stressful. I look forward to the slowness that winter promises. 

Max is doing well over all, but seems to be having some issues with wetting himself lately. (NOT LIKE HIM AT ALL) I can only assume it is the move? However, that seems strange given that he adjusts so well to change generally speaking. 

Currently I am looking into getting Ivanna evaluated by a local autism clinic. It is right around the corner and ran through Seattle Children's Hospital. UW also has an autism department. I'll check them both out. We are convinced she has a dual diagnosis going on, and we want to help her gain some focus and self control. 

Well, I need to run. Boxes await and the reward of coffee is in my future!

Coffee. It's like nectar from Heaven for this mommy!

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