Thursday, May 17, 2012

Go Go Growing ...

The last couple of weeks we have been busy, busy, busy with dental appointments, and physicals with a few specialist appointments thrown in for good measure. Take into account that our crew is made up of nine children, one of which is a very sweet (but demanding) newborn - and you get a crazy couple of weeks.

Max had his physical on Monday. Almost a year since his last physical. He has gained ten pounds and has grown four inches since last year. 

He now weighs 37lbs, and is 3'4" tall. He is still a little peanut coming in at around 5% on the Down syndrome growth chart. He is wearing size 4T - 5T, and can still sport some 3T pants. Shorts are better fitting at 3T. With being so little, I sometimes forget he is seven. This works to Max's advantage, as his teachers also forget - making Max a very catered to little guy. He is insanely popular at his school, as I kept being told by his para educator. I got to see it first hand one day, as I went to pick him up early from school. As Max and I waited in hallway for his backpack to be brought, I witnessed as Max was continually high fived and said hello to by student after student as they all made their way into the lunch room. The kid is making an impact in more ways than one.

The other night I watched as Max wrestled with the rest of the kids and Daddy - only this time, he initiated it! He took his tiny head and ran towards the girls (easy target) and buried it into their chests, all the while giggling. Well, that was all it took - and my whole living room broke out in roars and laughter with high pitched squealing here and there as I had a mound of kids tackling one another.

Ya know, sometimes having a big family with some complexity mixed in can be a bit overwhelming. SOMETIMES.
But more often than not, I sit back as I witness God's goodness - in the form of growing little boys, squealing girls, and a clingy, cuddly newborn.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Bugalicious!

happy third birthday
(yes, that is our nickname for little Justus)

 Three years ago, today, our lives became more enriched, more blessed as we welcomed our sweet Justus.  We had no idea he had an 'extra something special'. We had no idea that you also had a heart condition known as Tetrology of Fallot. We had no idea that we were beginning a most amazing journey.

 I am so glad that God knows exactly what we need, even though we may think otherwise. Truth be told, we needed you Justus. We needed the challenges to pray fervently, as we never had before, when we were presented with almost losing you after your open heart surgery. 
We needed the sheer joy that we experience every time you reach a new milestone. We needed to know a deeper benevolent spirit as a family. We needed to know the absolute stance of protecting EVERY life - even when the world may think it absurd. We needed you sweetheart, and God knew it. I'm so glad He knows better than us.

 Justus, you have opened SO many people's hearts and minds to the world of special needs. You have broken down false perceptions by the simple smile you offer strangers. I have watched as countenances have changed so quickly as you reach out to those around you. You have taught me some very sweet and special lessons as well.

 I don't take life so flippantly anymore. You have taught me how very special life is. A precious gift, not to be taken for granted. I thought I had truly upheld the sanctity of life prior to your arrival, but ... I learned a whole new facet to that very basic conviction.

 Justus, I love you so very much. 

I am so grateful to God for allowing you to be in our family. 

 Happy third birthday Bugalicious!!!

In honor of Justus' birthday - we are posting this link:
In hopes that little Nico (who also has a birthday in May) will be able to celebrate his next birthday and be just as happy as our Justus too!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Joyful Noise

 Ivanna was so thrilled to hear a loud booming sound the harder she "played" the piano keys.

 My sweet Ivanna looks quite at ease on the piano bench.

 Tickling the ivories seems to be in this girl's wheelhouse.

 Look at that! She is actually using the tips of her fingers here!

 A sweet duet.

 "Don't worry brother, I will show you how you make this thing sing!"

Sweet fingers, precious hands . . . making a joyful noise. 

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