Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Flour Painting. With Tude.

Justus was in need of some distraction one afternoon. So - I grabbed a cookie sheet, slung a handful of flour in it & viola - OT genius.

Of course, what would any activity be if not for some Justus 'tude thrown in the mix.
(I want you to know it took me six times just now to type out 'tude - my autocorrect was freaking out, it's not 'down' with my lingo apparently)

Could that be a smile????

I love my baby's little hands. So yummilicious.
(again, with autocorrect police)

Signing 'All Done'

Fun little activity. Clean up is a breeze. And ... it afforded me the all important coffee break. 
(All 5 minutes were heavenly ...)

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