Friday, January 20, 2012

Talent and Victories Abound

Max has just recently shown us his talented dancing. Here he is dancing as Isaac plays the piano. Cute stuff. Try not to fall out of your chair from such cuteness ...

These next set of pictures show another HUGE accomplishment in the Browning house! Justus is now a walker!!!

So very proud of himself!

Yay!!! Big boy!!!! I can't express how proud I am of you sweet Justus!

*just a question thrown out there to you fellow bloggers ... what is the easiest way to post a video from your iPhone?


Faith for Hope said...

Way to go Justus!!!! Too Cute! I love the picture of him clapping for himself... I just love his adorable smile. For some reason I couldn't see the one of Max... bummer. They have grown so much since being loved into your family... in more ways than one. Hugs, Grace

Mcarthur Mile said...

Yay!! He is so cute! And Max was to cute,and Isaac was playing wonderfully!

Jenny B. said...

Super cute! LOVE the dancing! How beautifully he moves to the music. :)

Ruby's Mom said...

I loved Max's dancing! And the pictures of Justus are great!You really can see how proud he is.Sweet boys.

Jeanne' said...

oh my word!!!! How exciting!!!!!!
Way to Go Justus!!!!!!


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