Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Almost Speechless

... almost ...

See this picture?

Yes, you guessed right.

A new adoptive mama meeting her daughter for the first time. A mother who has been there done that - as far as adoption is concerned. She is what many might call a 'seasoned' mother in the realm of adoption as her and her husband have been on this journey many many times.


This time it's a bit different.

Go back to that picture above. At first glance you might think that little girl with frail features is an infant, or maybe a toddler. No.


Twelve years old.

No words can describe the amount of hurt, neglect, starvation, loneliness, etc that this sweet child has endured.

But, my friend Jenny, who is soon to be that little girl's mommy - is also meeting other children that she is adopting from this same orphanage in Bulgaria.

Look below.
This little one.
Jenny and her husband are also working to bring this little girl home (along with two other children I don't have pictured).

Go ahead. Guess.

She is FIFTEEN years old

My reason for this post? Is it to shock you?
Maybe it is. Maybe I just want to remind, both myself, and you that these children exist. I don't want to forget that all it takes is someone reaching out, as the Sousa-Brown family has, and love these children, as Christ desires us to. To show them that they, too, are valuable - worthy of redemption. That they have meaning. That they have not been forgotten, left with no voice or hope.

Praise God for these girls finally knowing that love.
~ think of the 147 million orphans worldwide who do not~

You can visit the Sousa-Brown's family blog here

You can learn more about the orphanage these girls have been tucked away in here


Amy said...

Oh my heart aches.

The Potvin Crew said...

Plenty of words, lots of tears, and an aching heart.... thank you for not letting any of us forget these precious children. Still hoping...... ~ Grace

Anonymous said...

Such tragic neglect.

In happier news, Lorie from orphanage 13 is being adopted!


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