Monday, February 7, 2011

Max's Birthday

Balloons! A HUGE HIT!

Okay ... see Max, there's this game we play here in America. You fill a box up with candy and then beat it with a baseball bat. When the candy falls out, you scramble and rummage through wet slimy grass for some treats! Fun, eh?
"Huh? ... Crazy Americans!"

Max's first pinata!

He was happy with one little toy.

Max's first cupcake and candle!


He takes over the feeding.

A gift all the way from OHIO! THANK YOU Marks Family!

Saturday was Max's sixth birthday. It really is hard to think of him as six years old, because he is so tiny to me. We had just family and a couple of friends over to help Max celebrate his first birthday with us! On a child's birthday I typically think back to when they were born and retell the story to the child. With Max, I started the day just thinking about his biological mother still in Eastern Europe. I tried to think of what might be running through her mind this day. How she must be feeling. Does she know Max was adopted? If she does, is there comfort? Max was actually taken to the orphanage when he was over a year old. His mother could no longer care for him and so began his five years within the orphanage. I can only imagine that his mother loved him very much. I can't fathom how she felt as she walked away with her baby left behind in the baby house. Yet, there are no records of her ever coming back for a visit. Did it hurt too much to visit? Did she know what fate Max faced in the orphanage system? Either way, I can only assume that she did what she thought best. She must have loved him very much. How can you not love your child who has been living with you for nearly a year and a half? I'm thankful to her for giving us such a beautiful boy. I mourn for her as I can only think of what she must feel on this day. A day that is meant for celebrating must bring a painful reminder back to her. I sincerely pray that she seeks peace in Christ.
I also thought about how very special this particular birthday was. Max turned six. The age limit in his old orphanage is six years old. Once a child turns six, they are taken to a mental institution to live. Not something to be celebrated. Yet, this birthday - there was no longer that fear. There was just reason to party ... to celebrate this beautiful boy ~ beautiful life!
Max had many firsts on his sixth birthday. His first cupcake, first birthday candles, first birthday song sung by friends and family, first pinata, and first birthday presents meant solely for him. That's alot of firsts for a six year old! ;)

I just love this little boy. I really, truly do. I look into his eyes, and I just smile. I feel giddy inside. He's my sweet baby boy. I hold his head in my palm and put my lips to his ears so he can hear me say "I love you" over and over again. I'm tellin' ya... I love him ... a bunch!
So ... Max ... Happy Sixth Birthday (a little late) and thank you for your sweet giggles, sparkly eyes, open mouthed kisses and arms that wrap around my neck. You mean so much to me, son. I love you ... I love you ... I love you ...


B.E.Hughes said...

Brought tears to my eyes to see the love Max is receiving from his wonderful mama. Thank you for bringing him back "home"@

The Casaus House said...

Okay, thanks for making me bawl like a big ol baby! Seriously, what Christ has done through your family has impacted me greatly. Thank you for allowing Him to be lifted up by simply obeying. Many think, "I can't save them all" and while that may be true your testimony is proof that even one life counts. I'm sure Max is eternally grateful for that. What a blessing.

Ben and Melanie said...


Faith for Hope said...

Happy Birthday Max! So glad you are here to celebrate with your family. It was good to see you today, Charrissa. Thanks for the advice while I was away! Love you guys! ~ Grace


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