Monday, February 28, 2011

Olga, Brady and Brian

This journey of adoption has been amazing. Stretching my faith and my comfort zone in so many ways. It has also shown me the love of Christ for these children through others graciousness and giving. Not every family is able to go to another country for weeks on end and bring home a child - but I have witnessed how MOST can support by sacrifice of time, talent, finances, and prayer to help those families who have set out on the mission of rescuing those children who would otherwise be left to their cribs.
Tonight I ask that you pray for, and visit the blogs of these following families:
The Abells, The Hartmans, and The Burgers
All three families are friends with our family. All three have stepped out on faith to rescue these beautiful children. All three are needing help and support - and encouragement.

~ ~ Olga ~ ~
** for the Abell family**
The Abell family have just recently been told that it will cost $48,000.00 to bring Olga home. That is a crazy amount of money. However, Olga is worth far more than that. She has just turned five and it is not clear if she has already been transferred. The Abell's are committed to bringing her home. They are committed to rescuing this child from cold refines of a bed. The financial burden is great ~ but God ... is greater. You can visit the Abell's blog here.
~~ Brady ~~
** For the Hartman Family**
Many of you may remember my plea (along with other bloggers) for sweet Brady. Brady is a teeny tiny six year old who also has Down syndrome. Brady has already been transferred to a very remote institution. He is the smallest child there - and his future was very bleak. I say was ... because the Hartman family has stepped forward to bring this sweet baby boy home. They are working hard to fund raise and Melanie (Brady's soon to be mama) has been making her own soap - right from their farm: The Happy Hartman Farm.
I know firsthand how hard it is to "ask" others to donate, how uncomfortable it is to fund raise. The truth is that it is a necessary thing to do. Who has an extra $30K just laying around? Yet, if everyone just gives a little - well, it adds up - just as we witnessed through our own adoption of Max and Ivanna. Please, even if it is giving up your latte this week - please consider donating to Brady's grant account. You can visit the Hartmans here.
~ ~ Brian ~ ~
** For the Burger Family**

Awe. Be still my heart. Brian's little face, is just adorable. I remember when I first encountered Reece's Rainbow and saw Brian's face. The phrase "cannot be adopted once transferred" cut through my heart and left my cheeks tear streaked. Brian is in the same orphanage that our sweet Brady was transferred from. Brian just turned five in November and is at a higher risk now to be transferred. There is no guarantee that Brian will be transferred to the same orphanage that Brady was taken to. This is why it is so imperative that the Burger family get to Europe quickly to be able to accept Brian's referral and start the adoption process in country. The Burgers are close friends of ours, and we have known them for years. We love them and desire to be a help in any way we can. Please stop by their blog here and bid on some desserts - or make a tax deductible donation on their link located to the side of this post on my blog. Let's help save Brian from what could be a life sentence within a mental institution.

I will tell you that while we were still in the midst of fundraising, if we saw our family sponsorship grant go up even the slightest - we were so joyful. It wasn't just the money. It meant that there was another family or person somewhere who was supportive, who may even be praying on our behalf. It meant so much to us. It is a huge encouragement in a time that encouragement was so needed. All these families have one thing in common. Faith. Faith that God has called them to this journey. Faith that our Lord is caring for their children half a world away. Faith that He will provide the funds needed. Faith that this adoption will be finalized and the children brought home. Faith, that if even this does not happen for some reason - God has a perfect plan. Let's build these families up. Let's be apart of something bigger than just our normal routine.

Let's help bring these very special 'extra leaves' home.

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Faith for Hope said...

PRAYING! PRAYING! PRAYING! I can't wait until the LORD brings these precious children home! Can't wait until it's our turn. hanks for all of your encouragement! Hope you are all feeling better soon! Love ya, Grace


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