Sunday, June 5, 2011

Recent Happenings

Well, it has been awhile since my last post about Max and Ivanna - or any of us - for that matter. This is for good reason. We have been busy, busy, busy.

We have continued to fight the good fight in our battle with H.Pylori for little Max. It's a very determined infection that seems to want to linger. He is now scheduled for his third GI specialist appointment - and at this time - I am admitting to some angst. I am starting to get a little disgruntled with the care - and am hoping for more solid answers.

Max was also taken to the ER yesterday morning for what we initially thought was a horrible asthma attack. It sounded horrible. The ER determined it was croup. Scary stuff that croup. They gave him a hormone to last for five days - and thus helping his airway to stay open.

Never a dull moment in the Browning house.

Other than that Max seems to be doing well - and the swallowing problem he was having seems to be getting better. We will schedule another swallow study to determine that for sure.

Ivanna is, well ... blowing my socks off. She impresses me daily. Really - she does. I look at her at times and see a completely different girl than that which we met in the orphanage six months ago. She is no longer quiet. Nope. She is always runnin' that little cute mouth of hers. Babbling, yelling, you name it - she's got something to say. She eats like a champ and handles her spoon as if she is an old pro - never mind she just learned how to do this a month ago. She is walking EVERYWHERE, and if she falls down - SHE GETS BACK UP. I love it. Can't keep her down. Not anymore. She now is the proud new owner of orthotics - which help align her heel to her leg - keeping her foot straighter.

The rest of us? Well, we have great days, busy days, some rougher days - and we just keep truckin'. God has been gracious to this family. Christ continues to shine His face upon us - and for that this mama is grateful. May He never look away from us. May we strive to please Him ... always.

On Memorial Day we went up north about 2 hours and visited the Hartman family as they were home for about a week and a half while they waited out their 10 day waiting period until they can go spring Judd out of his institute in Eastern Europe.

We love the Hartmans. They are sweet - and it is a joy to visit them on their gorgeous farm.

Here is a picture of Melanie with my little Justus. Cute.

Ivanna just loves our dog. (I'm glad someone does - just kidding ...)

Ellie girl was having a great time playing with toys. (Oh and check out her stylish foot attire. YUP - mudboots. Having chickens does that to ya -)

My eldest swinging on the Hartman's tree swing. Wonder what he was thinking? Maybe he was dreaming big dreams - I hope so.

Gabriel is pulling his little brothers, Max and Justus around in the wagon. Such a tender brother.

Max and Justus. Good buddies.

Why does this picture make my heart fill warm - and my eyes moist? That sweet Daddy - holding and tender with our little flower Ivanna. A girl who was fatherless for five years - and now she has the best Papa ever. That'll make ya weep like a baby.

This picture is at home. This toy is great for Occupational Therapy (fine motor skills) and we have been working with Justus and Ivanna with that. Max is a pro - and is showing his skills. ;)

Ivanna often just paces. She will walk back and forth from the kitchen to the living room. Stop. Look around as if to take it all in, and then do it all over again. Here she is leaning against a wall, taking a breather.

Taking it all in. (cute hair .. eh? - finally growing a bit more.)

I forgot to mention that we had a well child visit for both Max and Ivanna last week. Both have grown three inches. THREE INCHES!!!! In six months time - they have both grown that much! I was astounded - and so was my doctor - so much so he asked for them to be measured again. Yup. Three inches. Ivanna has lost a pound - and is now down to 28 pounds. I am thinking this is because she started walking last month pretty regularly. Max is holding steady at 30 pounds. Still though, 30 pounds for a six year old. Seems little bitty to me. Both do register on the lower end of the Ds growth chart. That's ok. They are gaining ground. Both received some more vaccinations. Ivanna's developed a big red rash around both injection sites. Makes me nervous. Is that normal? Both kids have orders to meet with a nutritionalist - and to get their necks x-rayed to check for atlantoaxial instability or AAI - basicly instability in the cervical neck area. Every child with Down syndrome should be screened by age 3. It can be quite serious if not found and dealt with. I still need to arrange for follow up hearing appointments, follow up eye appointments, dental exams, and GI specialist appt.


That's a long to do list.

Better make sure the coffee stays stocked up. ;)


Leah S. said...

Oh what a great update! Both kids sound like they're doing fantastic! About the AAI screening, the xrays are VERY COMMONLY done wrong! , MAKE SURE 1) they are done standing up (doing them lying down inhibits movement, which makes for an inaccurate xray) 2) they do THREE views - flexion, extension and neutral. The head should go as far back as the child is able, and as far forward as he/she is able. Axel came home in December, not only has AAI, but had spinal fusion surgery 3 weeks ago. Not fun.

Mcarthur Mile said...

My almost 6 year old weighs 34lbs and is only 41" inches tall....and is mostly normal! Can't wait to come over again. Ivanna looks like a five year old now! I can't believe it. they are getting so big. Love the pics of Chloe, she is so beautiful. Miss you all.
Love ya

Jenny B. said...

SO good to hear all this! Those lovely little blessings are coming right along!! LOVE to hear the 3 inches and other progress! HOw wonderful! God is sure good! Thanks for sharing!


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