Friday, June 3, 2011

Time to Shine ...

... for Max.

Meet Max. (I'm pretty partial to that name) Max is a sweet baby currently in Russia. I say baby, and by all means his age would justify that, but in all reality Max has endured more than most his age - and even older. Within the last six months, Max was transferred from his baby house to a mental institution. I can not express the absolute NEED to get to this boy. Each day he lives in the institution, is a day that he goes without stimulation, warm touches, or any therapies. To many - this may fall on deaf ears. For those of us around those with Down syndrome, we know that therapy and stimulation is an absolute NEED. Without it - the child will regress - with no need to use his muscles or be challenged - he will atrophy both in ability and skill. A death sentence. No, this is not exaggeration. This is the reality: a child who knows not how to feed himself, walk, or make known his needs - will simply not be cared for. There is a statistic that says during that first year of transfer to an institution - eighty percent of those transferred - die.

A race. A race to rescue - Max.

Max, thankfully, has a family who has stepped out - and is willing to jump through all the hoops, fund raise their eyeballs out - and rescue little Max. The Marks family has decided to be Max's family. They have fallen head over heels in love with this boy half a world away. The journey isn't easy - sometimes fundraising gets a little tiring. Constantly asking for support ... is awkward to say the least. Sometimes you need a little help. Sometimes you need others to come up alongside you and offer encouragement.

This is where my sweet friend, Amanda Hand, comes in. Amanda has been my close friend for YEARS. We have laughed and cried together - and share a sweet bond. Amanda has a heart for orphans - and for helping those who seek to redeem them. Amanda knows me - but doesn't know the Marks family. She just knows that the Lord has prompted her to help them. How awesome is that?

Amanda is a Silpada consultant - some beautiful jewelry is what she sells.Make me drool kinda jewelry. She has offered to do a fundraiser for the Marks family. From now until June 15th you can shop, and order with 100% of Amanda's profit going to the Marks family. Think anniversary, Christmas, birthdays.

It's time to SHINE for Max.

Go here to shop and order.

Click on 'Shop Now' and register an account.

When you check out be sure to mark the hostess as:


Oh .. and guess what? Shipping is a flat $4.00!

If you are unable to shop the jewelry, but still feel compelled to help the Marks family - GO HERE. This is the page you can go to and make a tax deductible donation in ANY AMOUNT. Trust me - any donation is a blessing. God has a way of multiplying the fish. ;)

So, let's do this - let's be a blessing, an encouragement - whether you are donating directly to the Mark's family sponsorship page - or buying jewelry - let's show the Marks our support. Let's help bring that baby home so he too can start to thrive like my own little Max and Ivanna.

The Marks have registered their dossier - they are fast approaching their first trip. You can follow their journey here.

~~~ Thank you for your help ~~~


Rochelle said...

You are wonderful!

Leah S. said...

If nobody has told you yet, you need to fix your link to Amanda's site. Here's the correct one


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