Friday, September 16, 2011

Sweet Moments

Can there be a sweeter picture?

Ivanna pants and her Daddy. Love it.

Kissable Cheeks

Huggable and snugly. Max wants in on the action.

He settled for wrestling with Daddy's legs.

Ivanna giving us the scrunch face after I rescued her glasses and put them back on her little face.

Max. Mesmerized by his "Max Pillow". He loves the tassels.

Ohhhhhhh ... kissable lips!!!!

Both Max and Ivanna have now been home for over nine months. In that time Ivanna has gained ELEVEN POUNDS!!! Crazy right? But get this... she has grown ... SIX INCHES!!! That's half a foot!! No wonder all her dresses seem to have shrunk! Max has grown a total of three inches and has gained NINE POUNDS!

~ my little piggies ~

Both little ones are coming up on a surgery to remove adenoids and put tubes in their ears (as are my other children Justus and Ethan - yup ... four kiddos!!)

I'm super excited about this because this means that Ivanna will have an easier time breathing at night, and a big possibility that she won't wake up every morning with boogie crusties on her mouth (yes ... gross gross gross) We had been told in the orphanage that there had been some sort of surgery performed on her nose to try and correct her constant runny nose. They said it didn't work. We were never told what surgery. Our doctor seems to think they may have performed an adenoid removal blindly, without actually looking where they were scraping, thus leaving some behind. He won't know for sure until he is in there ... but thankfully, he will be looking!! ;)

Max also will have the same procedures done. I am elated for him as this means that he will be able to HEAR better. His hearing is SHOT! He has so much fluid in his ears. So, the doctor is hopeful that his hearing will come back full force ... and then ... it is quite possible ... that Max will ... START TALKING!!!!!!

~ I know ... elation!! ~

Can you imagine?? This will change his whole world!!!

Ours too!

He already has been striving to mimic our sounds when we pray with him. But, we have to speak loudly and very close to his ears.

I'm super ... super ... super EXCITED!!!

These procedures will take place next month. Prayers are welcomed!!


Patti said...

praying! and yes, those pictures ARE the sweetest ever! :)

Jenny B. said...

How cool! That is SUPER exciting! Great update, thanks for sharing the pics too. :)

nicole said...

They are flourishing ~ good job, Mama!

Sherry Noland said...

Love to hear and see pics of the family. Max and Ivanna have just blossomed SO much. Ivanna is becoming such a lovely little girl. I just want to kiss her little cheeks every time I see her pics. I will pray for all your children's surgery coming up, and for you who has to "mamma worry" as each procedure is done.


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