Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Picture Smattering

To make up for the last two pictureless posts, a smattering of pictures.

Life in the Browning home has been a bit rough for Mom lately. With the new pregnancy has come that terrible bout of morning ... ahem ... all day sickness. It has been hard to manage this time around for various reasons. I am praying for relief and to be able to once again have the energy to keep up. My sweet husband and children have been wonderful and so kind through this. I love them to pieces.

We have treated once again for H. Pylori and we are probably going to call it good. I have now spoken to a couple of doctors, one who specializes in this sort of thing, and they have both said that H.Pylori is so common, yet most probably do not realize they have it and blame ulcers on stress, etc. He said that he would not continue to chase after it if it were him.

Ivanna and Max and a couple of other kiddos have ENT appointments next week, for possible tubes. Justus needs glasses, and I am going to hunt some "Miraflex" frames down for him - no luck so far. I do have the Specs4Us for Max and Ivanna, and they are ok ... but I think the Miraflex will serve better for Justus' age.

Both children (Max and Ivanna) look as if they have AAI ... the instability in their necks. So ... we are now careful with play.

Ivanna's eyes have started to drift inward again, and we are anxious for her next eye appointment. Surgery will more than likely be discussed.

Ok ... I did it!!! I updated this blog. Now it's time for bed! Good night all, and thank you for your sweet words. They uplift when the uplifting is much needed.


nicole said...

A few quick thoughts:

~You always inspire me to do more and with more LOVE.

~Colloidal Silver could really help with the H. Pylori. (health food store)

~Chromium can really help with morning sickness (the kind that lasts all day!).

~Your children are blessed to have you . . . good job Mama.

Jenny B. said...

Thanks for the pics, they are lovely. Thanks for sharing your family happenings.

Ben and Melanie said...

Totally Gorgeous Children :)... Hugs

Sherry Noland said...

Love the pics! They are getting so big and beautiful! I pray for sickness is over soon. That is such a terrible feeling. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Leah S. said...

Oh, I am SO behind on blog reading. I don't even know if I've ever commented on your blog before, but I was a faithful reader during your adoption! Anyway, I brought 10 year old Axel home from Serbia in December. He HAD AAI. He had spinal fusion in May. I also have 15 year old Angela with DS (bio child) She does not have AAI, but some other issues. What were the kids' measurements? Feel free to drop me a note deanleah at comcast.net


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