Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 In Pictures

Whew! What a year. What a post! I will warn you that this post is picture HEAVY. I just couldn't pass some of them up. I sort of cheated as I went back into December 2010 for a few of these first photos. I just felt it told the story of Max and Ivanna a bit better. Just take a moment and rejoice with me as you witness through these images of just how greatly God has worked especially in little Ivanna this past year. She no longer is a weak little 20 pound five year old. Nope. She is a strong, walking, super heavy 37 pound six year old now! She also no longer has to have a spoon tied to her wrist with a hair scrunchy. Nope. She holds it and can feed herself!

God has done great things.

2011 was so full of different happenings. Some were great and wonderful times of rejoicing ... like Ivanna's milestones. Some were periods of self contemplation as we all adjusted to this wonderful journey of adoption. Some were just plain difficult and full of heartache as we said good - bye to my Dad, as he passed away very unexpectedly and most assuredly is missed.

But ... still ... God has done great and mighty things.

Happy New Year. May it be one that you will draw closer unto Christ!

*Most of these will not have explanations ... more like a photo journalling. Enjoy! *

First steps to walking


Jane@flightplatformliving said...

wow is all i can say! how wonderful to find you on here!can'twait to continue to follow your story this year. jane xxxxx

Rochelle said...

LOVE! What a great family and a blessed year!

Katie said...

What awesome, AWESOME pictures! I am teary just going through them all. My favorites were the one of Max smiling at himself in his reflection, and the one of Ivanna sitting beautiful in her flowered shirt and glasses. Just gorgeous. I love following your story...the next year will be just as amazing. Hold on for the ride!

Mcarthur Mile said...

I sure miss you guys. You have such a beautiful family. Love ya'


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