Monday, December 26, 2011

Random ... ness

Okay. So I admit. I have been having issues keeping you all in the loop. Why? Well, I'd like to blame the efforts of having to learn a new computer, or the insanely hectic schedule of craziness around here, or perhaps the illnesses that have been hitting us, maybe I could even blame the holiday season with all it's busyness.

But ... really ... I could find time. I really enjoy blogging, and enjoy the comments and support as well. So ... I am going to endeavor to be better.

So ... here is a bit of randomness for you. I sincerely hope you had a blessed Christmas Day. We did, as we celebrated the birth of our Saviour - and witnessed all of our children's faces light up as they came running down our stairs. All, with the exception of Max - who had been up the night before with croup. BUT ... we awoke him, and he soon rallied and worked up some excitement.

Enjoy the pictures.

This was a picture of Justus and his spankin' new glasses. He loved them ... for about five minutes. It is now a constant fight to keep them on ... sigh. They are too cute for words on his adorable little face. Makes his kissable cheeks absolutely irresistible.

This picture above is a bit of a treasure to me. It is a baby picture of Ivanna. Scratch that. It is THE baby picture of Ivanna. The one. The only. I keep it in my wallet. When we first brought her home, things were a big adjustment, and it helped me immensely to pull this out and gaze upon her little face - remembering the environment from where she came. I had since sort of forgot about it, until a few weeks ago - when I was cleaning out my purse and wallet - and lo and behold. I pulled it out and simply stared. This is my sweet little girl when she was a baby. I don't know the occasion of the photo, who dressed her, why they did so, or how she felt getting her picture done. This was way before she was eligible for international adoption, so I can't assume it was for a photo listing, but perhaps it was for a local photo listing in Ukraine. This is sometimes one of the more difficult things in adoption ... never knowing such details. That's okay. I have this picture. And I am grateful for it!

Okay. Random, I know. This is our Christmas tree this year. Pretty and calming.

Justus was especially liking the tree lights!

Ivanna stopped to look as well.

Ivanna's first snow. Eating it from Daddy's hands. I'm sure the orphanage would freak out if they saw her in this picture! Lol.

We took the kids up to the mountains to play in the snow. I have to admit, I was a bit apprehensive about the whole packing up snow gear, getting kids dressed, getting cold kids undressed ... process for eight kids. BUT ... it was FANTASTIC. No, really. We just packed each child's stuff (snow gear, change of clothes, etc.) in their own bag (ok I admit, garbage bags with names on them) and off we went. Made it SO much easier.

If we stayed home with the excuse that having a large family was just too much work to do anything or go anywhere ... what fun would that be? How boring. I am so glad that my sweet husband has the desire and vision to keep us an active, serving, and fellowshipping family ... even when it may be work. ;)
Justus in the snow! His first time!
Max in the snow. Also eating it, and after Daddy showed him how ... the boy wouldn't stop chowing down on the stuff.

Ivanna wasn't too impressed by the cold white stuff, but she was a good sport.

This year, I made Christmas dresses for each of my girls. SO MUCH FUN! This is Ivanna in hers.

All three girls in their dresses. We got Ellie a sewing machine (kid's machine) for Christmas this year. She is SO excited to learn to sew. Her first desire ... to sew a blanket for her sister Chloe's doll as a gift. What a super sweetheart!

I plan on posting a year in review for New Year's.

Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.


Mcarthur Mile said...

Love the pics and the dresses! I think we might head up the mountain to take in some tubing! Glad you will be back blogging, I miss the pictures.

Garth and Becky said...

The girls' dresses are beautiful. What a great job! I love Justus' glasses...he's so cute. I love your idea, too, (or Phillips' idea...or whoever thought of it!) of taking everybody up the mountain just to play in the snow. Maybe I will have to steal that one. :) Hope you all had a merry Christmas. Always love reading about what you all are up to!!

Ben and Melanie said...

Love Them Brownings!

Jenny S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jenny said...

I cannot TELL you how much I love that photo of Justus touching the lights!! The composition, his expression, the way it is framed, the low lights... I just can't stop enjoying it. :) Thank you for sharing your photos! Your girls' dresses turned out so perfect! I love sewing for my daughter.


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