Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Love Quilt for My Lovey

Justus received a very special gift last week. A package came, addressed to him - and we immediately ripped into it. Inside we found a sweet note from the wonderful organization "Love Quilts". Under the note, neatly folded, was a beautiful quilt. Themed after Winnie the Pooh, it was made by ladies around the country. Each square, beautifully stitched by someone who took time, just for Justus. On each square is that person's name, and where they are from.

Love quilts is an organization made up of a group of ladies that work on these gorgeous quilts. These ladies are from all over the world. Their desire is to bless little ones that have life threatening illnesses or issues.  Justus has a heart condition that falls into this category.

I can't thank you enough ladies! Your gift is one that will be treasured for years - and I'm sure this lovely quilt will not look so "new" and pristine, as it will grow worn from being snuggled by one very special little boy. That first night I tucked Justus into bed and wrapped that quilt around his body, I teared up .... with a quiet gratitude, for people who will never meet the children they stitch these quilts. I thought about their desire to simply bring a smile, or be a blessing. I was touched, and continue to be.


You can visit Love Quilts here

I also ask that you might keep Justus in prayer as we seek the advice of a pediatric specialist next week. Justus continues to have a swollen cheek. He has already been seen by his pediatrician, and a general ENT - who are guessing at what it might be, but are unsure as of yet. I am specifically praying we get a right answer next week, and of course that it is simply nothing of concern ...


Anonymous said...

Very touching. What a beautiful sentiment. It looks as though he loves the quilt. How nice to see this side of people caring for others. Love it, and love the idea!
~April N.

Mcarthur Mile said...

I love it! It is always so humbling when people you don't even know take time out of their day for you. We really hope to see you guys soon.


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