Monday, January 21, 2013

January 2013

January has kept it's promise of a slower pace here in the Browning home. It has also offered the much anticipated new beginnings. A new calendar often seems to re-energize me into the mode of creating new schedules, new goals, new adventures, and having my sights set on new victories.

As far as the Littles are concerned; some of the goals I have for them:

We have started the process of having Ivanna evaluated by the local children's hospital for Autism, or what we suspect is Autism. Whether it is from birth - or years of neglect in the orphanage - we can not determine. One thing is clear to us now, we need to try and help her gain the ability of focus. To focus on a new task - and learn how to complete the task, would be wonderful for Ivanna - and allow her to progress in abilities such as potty training, playing, interacting with others, etc.

This is a big focus for our family right now, and as I stated above, we have started that process. It is a long one. She is on the waiting list for the Autism clinic, which is currently eight months long! She also has an appointment much sooner in the Neurodevelopmental department - to help us meanwhile our waiting period. 

I am also hoping to have Ivanna completely potty trained by end of the year!
TMI warning!: she currently only "wets" in her diaper and uses the toilet for the "other" :)


I have two major desires for Justus this year; one being to expand his vocabulary - both verbal and via sign language. He is a learning sponge! His vocabulary is picking up and is currently at about 30 words. He is also becoming more proficient at signing (I am sure he would do much better, if I were more diligent in learning the signs myself) I have an app on my phone that has a good library of words acted out - so if I am looking for a particular word - I can access that. 

I also am desirous to have Justus completely potty trained by the end of 2013! That .... would be awesome! I am waiting for the summer to do that.


Max is doing exceptionally well in school! He spoke his first word a couple of weeks ago - "more" and is currently saying: "ouch" as well. This is a HUGE milestone!! One we PRAISE the LORD for completely!!! Max is also completely potty trained, with hardly any accidents. He is also off all maintenance meds for asthma, with only having occasional croup episodes. 

Max is doing AWESOME! 

I do have a prayer request for Maxi Pants:
My husband and I just recently discovered that Max has a bald spot on the back of his head. Max has a ton of beautiful brown hair - so it is very distinguishable. It is definitely a bald spot. This can be common with children who have Ds. It's called Alopecia. 

He has an appointment on Friday.
Please keep him in prayer. 

Thank you!


The Potvin Crew said...

Remembering all of your "Littles" this week in prayer.... and you too. two to train in one year... WOW! Hugs, Grace

Anonymous said...

will pray. Miss you!!!

John and Kitty Miller said...

The library has Baby Signing Times videos that are wonderful. Our youngest learned the signs so quickly using them.

Cathy said...

My older daughter has alopecia. Prayer your way......

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of the GAPS diet? I know of many people who have benefited from it - some who have adopted children from other countries who have not had a good start with their digestive systems, which affects their behavior. It is a natural way of healing your child, physically and mentally. It is worth the time and effort.


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