Saturday, February 2, 2013

Water ... Now Woman ...

Super fast posts with few words is ok right?

Ya they are. Especially when they mean BIG milestone from Miss. Sassy Pants herself.

I will make this super fast ... because life is crazy and Asher is sick, sick, sick.

Lately ...

... Ivanna has been walking over to the drawer in the kitchen that contains all the sippy cups and pulls out one "bottom" and one "top" and hucks them at me.


Not only has Ivanna realized that the cups are in the drawer and how to open it, but she has also figured out that both a bottom and top are needed to make it work. 

One. Smart. Cookie.

As for the 'hucking at me' part ...

She is still Ms. sassy pants ....

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Jenny B. said...

Ha! Love it. So exciting to hear of the milestones of your precious babies. We do foster care and are constantly amazed at the changes we see in the precious littles we get to care for, so I can understand (a little) the joy you must feel when your sweet babies achieve new milestones knowing where they have come from. :)


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