Thursday, February 21, 2013

Little's Love


It seems to happen and chug along at such a pace at times that it is hard to keep up, 
and before you know it - it is slipping by.

I can not believe that it is almost March! Seems like it was just yesterday that I was Christmas shopping and decorating for the holidays.

I feel extremely blessed to have so much to do that keeps me busy and active. I can't imagine my life any other way. Well ... I can, but I would eventually become extremely bored.

This is what Justus thinks of being bored. 
Angry face!

Besides, who could be bored with this crew?

We love Dr. Seuss books around here. 
And GIGANTIC pink bowls. 
And sitting in GIGANTIC pink bowls while reading Dr. Seuss is the best!

Ya. I did it. Self portrait in the mirror with my Maximus.

This face is hard, so very very hard - to resist.


Justus recently had his annual cardiology check. This included an EKG & Echo cardiogram. 

It is always tricky to try and get Justus to be still during these procedures. I am usually trying to bribe him with snacks and suckers. 

This time - the iPad saved the day! 

The kid would not relinquish the iPad for ANYTHING. He LOVES watching movies on it and has the sign for 'movie' down pat.

EKG results were good! 

Ethan 'manned' Asher while I tended to Justus! 
Justus' echo also showed good images of his heart and valves. He still has a moderate pulmonary stenosis (small pulmonary valve). 
Valves are tricky in the sense that you can't fix them by operation. You either can stretch them out with a cath procedure, or replace the whole valve during an open heart surgery. As Justus grows, our first line of defense will be prayer. That his existing valve would grow along with him, allowing the best oxygen flow to his lungs. If the valve doesn't grow with him or possible constricts more - then there will be a cath procedure done. As Justus gets older, and bigger - another OHS (open heart surgery) may be needed to give him a brand new valve. 

For now. 
We are GOOD! ;)

This picture above shows how gentle my little Max is. He really is so sweet and gentle, as well as easy going. He is enchanted by Asher and often just stares at him. I wonder what floats through his little mind. I am grateful beyond words that Max has the opportunity to experience being a big brother. 

A while ago I posted that Max had a balding spot on his head. I had mentioned Alopecia. However, it was not that but a dermatitis that is being managed and seems to be healing nicely. That is an answer to prayer for me. 

Ivanna is doing well. I will update more about her in a different post - as we have begun a different journey with her and her medical/social needs.

*just a reminder*
This blog was designed specifically for our adoption and post adoption updates as well as anything related to Down syndrome. We do have another blog that is designed to update the happenings of our whole family. You can click here for that blog.

I only say that in case your new here and wonder why I never seem to mention anyone other than the 'littles' :)

Have a blessed day and enjoy breathing in and loving on your family.

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The Potvin Crew said...

Your "Littles" won't be little for long.... so glad you're enjoying every moment... no matter how difficult it may seem sometimes. Love you guys and miss you much. Lovin' the update and pics!!! Thanks!! Hugs for all, Grace


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