Friday, March 4, 2011

A Day in the Life ...

... of me:

Due to Ivanna's difficulty in eating anything she needs to chew, and Max's aspiration problems and Justus' - well, just being a baby - we make baby food in mass quantity. Prior to all this, I had no idea that baby food was so expensive. We had always just trained our children straight to table foods. There is NO WAY we could keep up with each child's appetite with jarred baby foods in the grocery stores. So ... we boil, blend and freeze our own.
Sweet Potatoes

I am currently working on helping Ivanna "learn" to feed herself with a spoon. No easy task. It takes a TON of patience, something that I am not well versed in. I have to literally hold her hand to the spoon and go through the motions of it with her. She hates it. Just like she hated holding her own bottle. She would buck and cry then too. BUT, praise God, she actually holds her own bottle now. So ... I am going to continue to push her. I suspect her not wanting to hold things comes from some sensory issues, but I can't just let it stop us in our tracks. Truth be told, I am just too busy to continue to have to feed her myself. I will if need be - but if she holds that potential - I NEED her to unlock it.
So, I am praying that she will. It may seem like a strange prayer request, but could you pray with me?
Max is going to have an Endoscopy done soon to have a plan of action regarding this H. Pylori thing. They will biopsy his stomach and check for H. Pylori and Celiac disease. We took him to the GI specialist, and my suspicions were right. It seems that H. Pylori is a BIG CULPRIT when it comes to reflux. So, I am hopeful that an end to our nasty little friend will end Max's reflux. Praying for this too. We continue to keep him on a "honey thick" diet for his aspiration. He seems to be doing well with that.
That's it for now. Thank you for praying along side us.
** A big congratulations to our friends, the Bowden family, who are preparing to come home with their newest blessing: Sophie. You can visit their blog here. **


Mama Nuke said...

Will be praying Ivanna picks that up quickly. So excited for Bowdens and can't wait for little Brian to be home as well. Love you all. OH and little Max- I understand your reflux issue-its a pain I am praying for you little buddy. They actually are testing me for the same thing. Which could explain a lot. Love to you. April.

Faith for Hope said...

Praying for you guys! So many different issues... but God knows all about them. Love you, Grace

Just Me @ My Domestic Experiments said...

Praying. Just a word of encouragement. My son had tactile defensiveness and didn't want to hold a spoon when he was small but he did learn. Once he learned then he sought the sensory and would smear any food on the corner of his mouth up the side of his cheek and into his hair. One extreme to the next. :) A built up spoon (form on the handle) helped him learn and then we took it off later. They look like this. I made my own with foam from the craft store.


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