Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Do you remember Brady? The little boy who was transferred to an older mental institution last year? Well, his waiting is over. This week he no longer sits lonely. This week is being played with by his Mama and Papa - oh the JOY that fills my heart at such a notion. A lost boy ... found.

Brady aka Judd - is now no longer going to be weighed down with such hard burdens. His little six year old frame can safely melt into the strength of his father, Ben Hartman. A father. His father.

Judd no longer will cry tears in a dark place alone. No. His Mama, Melanie Hartman, is there to wipe them away and kiss his cheek. Oh, the healing touch of a mother.

... or at least that is what we pray for ...

You see, it isn't over yet. Court needs to take place, and of course the judge needs to grant the Hartman family the right to adopt little Judd. This is where you and I enter.

Court is already scheduled and fast approaching. The Hartmans are in a remote village - and by remote I mean REMOTE. You and I - need to pray. There has never been a court case held in this village - or possibly with this judge. The court needs to assemble a jury as well. I am coming to you and asking for prayer. Please pray. There is much oppression and I am sure that there will continue to be - as it is not in the norm to let these children go from a place they were supposed to be exiled forever.

I'm asking that you pray. It is needful. Pray for the judge's heart to be pricked now - and tender toward Judd's need of a family. Pray for the jury, that they would be desiring to do right by both the Hartman's and Judd. Pray for the facilitator to have the right words to speak. Pray for the Hartmans to be encouraged and have peace.

Pray ... pray ... pray.

God will hear. He will answer and honor the prayers of His people.

Let's fill the ears of our Lord with the sweet pleas for this family.

If not ... if the judge's heart is hardened, if the jury is skeptical, if the facilitator makes a mistake ... Judd will remain and the Hartmans will go home leaving him there - exiled and lost forever.

Stop by the Hartman's blog here to follow their story and leave a word of encouragement. If you could leave a comment to let them know you are praying - that would be a blessing. I know it takes time to comment, but those can be SO impactful when you are away from your other children, culture, friends and country. Thank you.

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