Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today is a significant day. Today two families in two different countries experienced two victories. You remember these families from prior posts here. Today we get to celebrate with them.

The Hartman family was granted the adoption of little Judd Danil Hartman!

This is a huge victory because his adoption is from an older institution - one that is very remote, poor and often forgotten. It is well know, that once a child is transferred to an institution like this, their chances of both survival and adoption decrease significantly.

But ... God ...

God intervened for a little boy today - and Judd is coming home!

You can visit the Hartman's here and congratulate them on their victory. This is not just a victory for them, but for the forgotten children still residing in this institution. This means that there is still hope ... that they too can be redeemed.

Like little Heath pictured below. His picture grips my heart. It really does. He is still there, in that forgotten place, where the Hartmans are right now getting Judd. He is older, and because of that is often passed over. He will require more initial work, and that often intimidates. He can not walk on his own just yet, and that makes him less desirable. BUT - God created this boy, knowing all of the challenges. He, too is fearfully and wonderfully made. Look past the stained shirt and dirty socks. Look at his beautiful face, look hard. He is worth it people. He is worthy of a family. Worthy of your time. Worthy of the investment. He too, can be redeemed. Yes, it takes work. I won't lie. But, is that reason enough for us to turn our heads? To pass him by yet again? This extra leaf is worth saving. He holds potential - and he is still waiting ...

Let's not forget Heath. Please.

Go here to read more on Heath.

In yet, another country - another case was being heard. This time the Supreme Court. The Davis family were denied the adoption of Kirill earlier this year. The reason: the judge decided that Kirill would be better off in an institutional setting than that of a family - all because he too, has Down syndrome. Well, today - with the prayers of thousands throughout this nation and across the globe - the Lord granted the Davis family their most earnest prayer: and the Supreme Court judge granted the adoption of Kirill Davis - effective immediately!

You can congratulate them on this huge victory here. When I say huge victory: that is exactly what I mean. This case helps pave the way for other children from this region to also be adopted.

Congratulations to both these families. Praise the Lord for these two children being redeemed!


Faith for Hope said...

Praising God .... and still praying. Love ya, Grace

Maria and Family said...

what a beautiful post :) I truly hope Heath finds his mama . Love ya.


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