Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Benefit Boil Pictures

The Celebration in honor of Matthew and Ivanna was a wonderful time of fellowshipping with friends and family and sharing our burden to adopt. We all were able to have a delicious low country seafood boil in a stunning location. (thanks to family: Kris and Donna McGaughey) We also had many friends donate time, talent and money to help us in this endeavor that was widely blessed of God. At the end of the evening it was figured to have brought in nearly $8,000.00!!!!!
We had a wonderful time, and think that everyone who attended (104 adults alone!) had a great time as well.
Again ~ thank you to all those who helped in this very special event! It was a huge blessing and we will NEVER forget this day!
The following are some pictures of the day. Thank you to Garth Henson for taking these and helping us to capture sweet memories.
My son, Justus is ready for the festivities.

Reece's Rainbow brochures next to hair pretties we made for fundraising.

Reece's Rainbow cookies made by Donna and Deb.
Soooo cute, and they were yummy!

Some of the folks who cam and celebrated Matthew and Ivanna with us.

Phillip sharing our burden for adoption.

A young man from our local boyscout troop serving up crab!

Kris, the "master chef" pulling a boil off the fire.

A boil hot and ready to be "dumped".

Bring on the boil!

Donna McGaughey pictured. She is my sister n law. She and her husband own the boathouse and allowed us to have the event. What a blessing! Thank you!

Yummy dessert provided by my dear friend, Amanda Savage!

My sweet hubby finally gets some crab!

Chloe, my youngest daughter. She is munching on a Reece's Rainbow pretzel stick! YUM!

My sister n law; Becky. She is proudly wearing all of her medals from Special Olympics.

Kristin, a lady that happens to have Ds, playing the piano. It made many tear up. Beautiful.

Lot's of friends and family gathered and had a great time!

"Ivanna's Bouquet" ~ flower hair pretties to help fundraise for the adoption.

"Ivanna's Bouquet" brought in nearly $300 at the boil.

My sweet Ethan playing his heart out.

Gabriel... so focused in his playing.

My son, Isaac, playing piano - wearing his boyscouts garb.

A young musician who donated his talent and time. Beautiful music!


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Browning I wish we had gone to help out because I love helping people. If you have any more "hair pretties" I would like to buy a few to help you out and I adore hair accesories. ;)

With love Kaitlyn Pickens

Amanda said...

It was a beautiful day! God is so good!

Tom and April said...

This was a wonderful time. Kristin playing was my fave part. I kept thinking this could be Ivanna one day and what a proud and awesome day that would be! She melted my heart. Thanks for allowing us to be part of it all.

Jessica said...

I'm so glad I got to be apart of this! It was so much fun, and great spirit. Thanks for sharing these pictures.


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