Thursday, September 23, 2010

While We Wait

There was a recent post on the Reece's Rainbow blog that was quite blunt, and very impactful. It isn't long, just short and to the point. I have provided the link below for you to click on.

Please click here ~

Also ~ I will be continually posting every now and again about Brian. I appreciate your help in either linking his information to your Facebook, or blog. He is a little boy with a growing grant that desperately needs a family. Every child does really, but this particular little one has captured my heart - and doesn't want to let go. I love him, and pray for him daily. I hope you will too.
Perhaps you could perhaps give up a latte and put just a small amount into his grant. Trust me, every little bit helps. There is no amount too small, or insignificant. Plus, it's tax deductible. I know ... I just know, that if we can continue to help his grant grow - this will help his family (whoever they are) commit to him. He needs a family soon, due to his age. His birthday is in November and he will be five.

So please, help Brian either by praying, donating, or re-posting his information.
Thank you!

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Gretchen said...

Oh, he is so cute. I know how hard it is for you as my heart is attached to some boys and won't let go either! Oh, I asked God to take the pain of it away.


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