Thursday, September 16, 2010

En Route

Our dossier is officially "en route" today. I sat in our living room this morning and arranged all of the pieces of paper into the order needed. I looked down and decided it was a good idea to pray over it. I started to pray that it would travel quickly and get to it's destination, then I started to pray for Matthew and Ivanna, and then ... I wept. Just a time of purely praising our Lord for all He has done thus far, and envisioning how it will all be when we finally see Matthew and Ivanna. Praising my Saviour for how He has led us down this path, and how He continually provides. Another reminder of that was in the FedEx office. I walked in and overheard the Christian music as I sat the package down on the counter. I smiled. The sweet lady came to the counter and smiled brilliantly. I told her what I was doing, and where it had to go. She clasped her hands and tears came to her eyes. As I filled out the forms, she went to her terminal to see how much it was going to be, it was about $120 - but wait, she then decided to give me a discount, and $97.00 will get it to it's destination by Wednesday! Wow! She related to me a recent testimony of a loved one's salvation testimony, and I was reminded of how good our God is. He is working amongst us in so many ways.
So, now ~ we wait to hear from Eastern Europe. The next step is to be submitted to the SDA for approval. This happens on Thursdays. After SDA approval we then get a travel date. So very exciting.


The Tam Family said...

I think this is just an awesome post. Thank you for sharing your story and the journey to your children with all of us. God Blesses...


The Casaus House said...

Wow! What a blessing! It's evident God's hand has been in all of this from start till now. I know He'll see it through till it's finished. We are rejoicing with you now and look forward to the day Matthew and Ivanna have a permanent mommy and daddy! We'll be praying for those papers to make it to the right people and for God's timing in all of it. Love you guys!

Garth and Becky said...

That travel date is right around the corner! Better get to packing those suitcases now!


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