Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today we were submitted to the SDA!!! I am in shock! Extremely excited and feeling a bit unprepared for what's next ... packing and travelling! We should hear back within a couple of weeks (probably sooner) about our SDA appointment, at which time we will book flights and fly to the country in order to have our appointment. Once there, the official referral is given for each child separately (so we will have three separate appointments) and we will be able to meet the children and begin the wait for our court hearing to make adoption legal.

Prayer is needed and appreciated. The Lord has done a great work, and continues to manifest himself in answered prayer all around us. From the USCIS approval time, keeping Matthew and Ivanna from being transferred, provision, etc. - the Lord has continually tapped us on the shoulder and sweetly reminded us that He is completely in control. May He always receive honor and glory through this adoption. We praise Him and thank Him for having opened our eyes and allowing us to carry a burden, and then allowing us to be apart in a small way. I am humbled.

We are not done yet. We have lots of work to do and this is where I would ask that you continue to pray for this journey. Provision, timing, travels, safety, health of everyone travelling, etc. This is probably going to be harder than compiling the dossier, or awaiting USCIS approval, or even fundraising. We will be separated from some of the children, and travelling to meet new children. I think what will be hardest for me, as a mom, will be leaving those other children behind.

Please continue to pray for Brian - that he would have a family willing to step out on faith and commit to his sweet little self. Also, a family has asked that we pray for little Berkeley on the Reece's Rainbow site. She has been transferred to an institution. Heartbreaking, and yet - there is still hope. I will leave you with Berkeley's sweet smile. Please consider praying for her and Brian.

Berkeley is located on Reece's Rainbow and is in the "Older Child" section (over six).

Here is the link to that page:


Mel said...

YIPPPPEEEEEE!!! Charissa, I am so happy for you!!! I am SO hoping that we get to meet while we're there getting our kiddos!!

Get ready, because it has moved SO fast since submission!! Praying it is that way for you too!

Sara Beamish said...

Charissa, I am so happy for your family!!! I can't believe how quickly things move. Sending love and light to surround you through out the rest of your journey. Can't wait to see how fast you get an appointment date:)

Lauren Hubbard said...

Yay, so exciting! Thanks for posting about Berkeley too, love her.

Julia said...

PRAISING THE LORD WITH YOU!! Can't wait to be sipping tea at my computer and following your journey OVER THERE!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH for spreading the word to pray for Berkeley for us. We already love this little girl .... hard to explain. Praying that we can bring her home!
Rick and Grace


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