Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Forgotten

In the wake of the loss of Anne Marie (see yesterday's post) I feel that it would be good to shed some light on two boys who could be labeled as ... the forgotten.
These two boys both have Down syndrome, and have ALREADY BEEN TRANSFERRED TO A MENTAL INSTITUTION FOR OLDER BOYS.
They have a grim future. Just recently a family was able to visit this same institution and perform the very first adoption from within this institution's walls. The woman has described both Heath and Brady as desperately needing to be adopted ASAP.
Please look at their sweet faces. Consider adopting, advocating, fundraising, praying for either or both of them.

Heath is just precious. He often spends his days with little to no stimulation. He has been reported to have been seen just playing with rubbish that is around him, by holding it and letting it just dangle within view. He needs a family badly.

This is Brady. He was just recently transferred. Brady also has significant tongue thrust, and because of this - eating is more difficult. His caretaker only needs to exercise patience in feeding him, but there are times when there is no time for patience - and Brady is often overlooked during snack time. He is small, and malnourished. He is six. He needs his family.

If you would like more information on either child, go to

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Julia said...

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. I am so grateful that you posted for me. I wept when I saw their faces on your blog. My heart bleeds to think of these boys. Thank you.



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