Friday, October 29, 2010

Official ...

St. Andrew's Cathedral. Located right next to the SDA office. We watched as a bride ascended the steps.

A corner building that Phillip liked

We have the official referrals for both Matthew and Ivanna. Now we are waiting through the weekend, and then on Monday we will travel to the city they are in and get settled in. This is what I am (Charrissa) most anticipating. Yes, the city where we are is nice - fun to see different things and experience the city life, but my goal is to see and experience the sweet faces of Matthew and Ivanna. To look at the caretaker's there and declare that YES, I DO want these children. I CAN'T WAIT to snuggle, to play and to just hold them in my arms.

We thank you for praying with us on getting the one SDA appointment. It really was a last minute type of thing. We received a phone call yesterday morning requesting that we meet the driver at the street in fifteen minutes!!! AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! We have severe jet lag and had been bumming around. We did it though, like chickens with our heads cut off we ran around and got ready in time. No small task for three people and one baby.

Once at the curb we were greeted by Niko. We piled into his sporty little European car and drove like maniacs (normal here) to the notary. Let me explain: the notary here is WAY different than in the states. Here, we waited outside in the car while Niko headed inside with our passports - then one by one we went in to sign the paperwork, all in Russian. Niko translated. We then got in that same care and flew to the SDA office and turned in that paperwork, shopped at an outdoor market right below St. Andrew's Cathedral and returned to the apartment to sleep.

A few hours later, we got a call to be ready in ten minutes for the taxi at the curb. I roused my sleeping cohorts and we piled into the taxi. I was sure I might die in that taxi. He was CRAZY. With techno music blaring and the smell of cigarette smoke heavy, my life flashed before my eyes as this driver had near misses all the way to the SDA. We made it, got both refferals, and came home - exhausted.

It is now about 3:00am here. Phillip, Justus and myself are wide awake. I hear the howls, barks and screeches of the wild dogs outside our apartment. They travel in packs here, and are quite common to see wandering the streets of the city.
Our bodies are so messed up right now trying to adjust. We will make ourselves stay up today to try and get on the right clock. We also plan on venturing out a bit more and taking it all in. Thank you for the prayer regarding the referrals. God has continued to hear those prayers, and sees fit to answer. We thank and praise Him for it.


Julia said...

Yeah!! The paperchasing is so much fun! The one nice part is that all you have to do is sign on the dotted line and trot beside your facilitator while THEY do all the real work. Pretty mindless but surprisingly still stressful! Monday is not far away... Can't wait!

Milena said...

I thought you were going to ask for a blind referral too? Or will it need a separate appointment?
So happy that you will soon get to meet your treasures!

Jessica said...

Wow... I am exhausted for you! Sop much going on, and not having a clue what people are saying!!! Anyway, miss you soooo very much, and am super excited for Monday... Can NOT wait:)

Jenny B. said...

Thanks for keeping us updated along the way! Hope you enjoy your down time prior to the day you finally experience the joy of receiving your precious blessings. :)

Gretchen Thibault said...

Ukrainians must not need much time to get ready aye??!! Oye!



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