Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Today, difficult news was shared: little Ann Marie passed away. Ann Marie had been waiting for so long to be adopted, but it was too long. She is now safe in the arms of Jesus. This news is so difficult to digest. Her little face is so beautiful, and her story is so hard to swallow. There were many who had the opportunity to meet her. They spoke of how sweet she is. How the nurses there in her orphanage would discourage any to show her attention due to her "bad heart". Ann Marie had a heart condition, and while it is unknown if this is the reason for her passing, it was clear she needed medical attention for it.
This is sobering news, and a clear reminder as to the "realness" of what this is all about. These children are real. They need a real family. They need real prayer. They need people to really care, regardless of if you are called to adopt them. THIS IS REAL. Perhaps it is our own Justus who reminds me everyday of how much these special needs orphans could truly blossom given the right environment. Perhaps it is his face smiling that reminds me of how hopeless the plight of his orphan peers are. Perhaps it's his pink fingertips after a successful heart repair that reminds me of how needless Ann Marie's death really is. Regardless, I have been painfully reminded as to the importance of getting my own Ivanna who also has a heart condition still in need of repair. I am anticipating hugging, loving and caring for her. While I shed tears over Ann Marie, I am looking forward - with Christ's help - in having Ivanna and Matthew no longer be orphans.
If you are reading this and feel an ounce of burden for these children - pray. Pray for them to have families step forward. Pray for the families who are currently adopting for the provision of funds. Pray for the health of these children, for their tummies to be full, for them to stay warm as their nights turn cold in heat less institutions, for their caretakers to give them loving hugs, for their countrymen to be awakened to the blessings they truly are.
And then there is action ...
If you are Christmas shopping, consider doing so on adoptive family's fundraisers to be a help and encouragement. Consider becoming a Christmas Angel Warrior for children on the Reece's Rainbow website (more about this in a future post). If you are even contemplating adoption, but are held back because of funds - know this - GOD WILL PROVIDE. Step out on faith, and know that God has provided for us, and we trust that He will continue to do so. We are not wealthy. We have simply trusted. God has simply saw fit to provide along the way.
We covet your prayer as well as we look for an SDA date any day - and that means we will soon be travelling.
Finally, don't be discouraged by Ann Marie's death - BE BURDENED! Ann Marie is finally at peace - but there are others still left behind .... and waiting.

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