Friday, December 10, 2010

Do you remember Brian?

Well, sweet Brian has a family now working hard to bring him home. They are also very dear friends of ours. The Burger family is having a blog auction starting today. Please, go to their blog and check it out. Do little Brian a favor and cross post on your FB page and if possible, your blog. He just turned five on Thanksgiving, and the Burger family is trying hard to bring him home before he is transferred to an institution.
The blog:

They will be adding more items over the next few days, so check back often. Perfect Christmas shopping opportunity. Gifts that have a double blessing - and a meaning. Make sure to go through older posts, and keep the Burger family in prayer as they seek to honor Christ in this adoption.

The Burger family is also selling pans of lasagna to local families. I am excited! This busy mom has ordered two pans, and not having to make dinner - well - that is AWESOME! They are also teaming with the Potvin family (working on fundraising for committment fees) and having a Christmas Bazaar at their home this evening - and I think they are selling baked goods as well. I would suggest contacting Sheri Burger for details. Please consider any one (or all three) fundraiser events as I know it is an encouragement!

Our family is THRILLED for them and for little Brian. How truly blessed the Burgers will be to add an 'extra leaf' to their family!

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Faith for Hope said...

Thank you for ALL of your encouragement and help. You are special to us. Hope to see you all soon.... maybe tomorrow????? Or maybe tonight? Let me know. Miss you guys! ~ Grace


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