Thursday, December 2, 2010


Phillip, Isaac, Max and Ivanna arrived today at the airport. Their flight was an hour delayed, and immigration took a long time. I, along with my sister and the kids, waited at the baggage claim. As we waited, two of the stewards (sp?) who attended the flight came over to me and wanted to affirm that I was the wife of the man with the two newly adopted children and older son which had just landed. I nodded my head and said that I was. Then these two ladies went on and on in their beautiful German accent of how special our family was, how it truly touched their hearts, and how it was so emotional to see and hear of the adoption. All I could do was thank them and praise God for how He continues to touch hearts.
Then we waited some more.
Finally my beloved rounded the corner with Isaac heading up the crew. We all ran over to them and talked and hugged in a big rush. It was beautiful!
Here are some pictures that my sister graciously took. They are a bit blurry, but still so precious to me because of the recording of the event.
Chloe trying to wait so patiently ... trying!

Isaac rounds the corner!

We all rushed to them as soon as we saw them!

It was SO good to see my sweet husband!

Happy boy!

Sweet Ivanna is so tired and ready to get out of the stroller!

Funny girl

Chloe LOVES Max! She wouldn't leave him alone and was quite persistent in holding his hand.

Sweet picture. Now, look at the size of these two. Cloe is three. Max is almost six. He is a tiny guy!


I am so full of joy. To be able to finally load up our car with my sweet babies that I have dreamt of for nearly seven months! This moment was AWESOME!

Aunt Jessica holds Ivanna for the first time.

She is so popular with her sisters and cousin.

Aunt Donna is feeding Ivanna.

Jessica said this was so special to her.

Max had fallen asleep on the way home. (it took us forever because of terrible traffic) So we carted him right off to bed.... poor lil boy.
My heart is full of joy and thankfulness. Tomorrow we will relax as a family of TEN and have our Thanksgiving. I so look forward to just snuggling and cuddling all day, and counting my blessings and naming at least some of them one by one ...
... Isaac, Gabriel, Ethan, Max, Ellie, Ivanna, Chloe, and Justus.
Thank you LORD!


Penny said...

tears of great joy here.....praising God with y'all! so glad i was able to see you with your sweet children tonight! thank you for sharing! hugs and continued prayers from florida!

genealogy said...

Congrats! I am so glad to hear they are home safe and sound. Enjoy those beauties!

Vanessa said...

I don't even know what to say. What sweet joy and bliss to have such long awaited and prayed for baby's home!

Kaitlyn said...

I don't quite know what to say either. It seems like it's a beautiful dream still....but now it has come true!!! I really hope I get to see your new additions in person soon!!! Love you all...
~Kaitlyn :D

Faith for Hope said...

JOY, JOY, JOY!!!!! I am sooooo happy for you all! We've prayed for this with you for so long. Enjoy your time tomorrow with ALL of your blessings! Can't wait to finally see the whole family together. TRY to get some good sleep tonight. I have a feeling you're going to need it tomorrow. LOL
I know Jessica and Donna, as well as the rest of the clan, must be beaming too. Sweet pics of the kids together. Lovin' it.
Love you, my friends, Grace

The Casaus House said...

Oh how my heart is rejoicing. To God be the glory, GREAT things he hath done!

Tracey said...

So happy for you! Tears of joy!

B.E.Hughes said...

I am teary eyed with this joyous news, & sharing the pics with preacher beside me. We are rejoicing that the journey is just beginning! Praise the Lord!

Gretchen Thibault said...

I AM SO HAPPY! Praise GOD!!! What a blessing. It is finished! You are home as a family of 10 (just like us)!


Kelly said...

You are beautiful in all ways.

April said...

Congratulations! It must be such a great feeling to finally have all of your children together under one roof. I will be praying for a smooth transition for your entire family.

Mel said...

WOOHOO!!! Happy Thanksgiving!! :) Enjoy those "firsts"! Looking forward to following as the kiddos bloom!

Cathy said...

Tears of joy for all of you! Welcome home Ivanna and Max!!

Tom and April said...

Loved the pics. So happy for you all, again tears here are flowing and great rejoicing as we see Max and Ivanna home with their family. Have a great Thanksgiving today! We love you and btw-Chrissy you look great(HOT in phil's words) lol. love yah.

schoolmother said...

Crying with happiness. Congrats.

John said...

Been following you the past month as you took your journey to finally get the kids HOME! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you guys. Praying for you now as you make the transition.

God bless your family!

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. God used you to answer my many prayers for little Ivanna. I'm so thankful that Ivanna was my Reece's Rainbow Prayer Child. What a blessing to watch her adoption unfold and now to see her in her forever family.
Blessings to all of you in your new life together!!!

Mcarthur Mile said...

Praise the Lord!!! The picture with Chloe and Max to see them as brother and sister holding hands!!! What a beautiful sight. Enjoy your family! And Chrissy....are you eating? You look sooooo skinny. To see your family together brings me so much JOY. Love you guys

Lacey said...

Welcome home Browning family! I love the feeling of them being on US soil, and out of the orphanage forever! Its the best feeling ever!

Autumn said...

Praising God with you. How wonderful to see you all at home together!! BTW, Thanks they are in the mail.

Jenny B. said...

YIPPEE!!!! I have waited to see this day, though not as long as you, and it is an ABSOLUTE JOY to see these little ones finally HOME!!! :)

Leah said...

Totally in tears as I read you post!!! I'm sitting in a hotel room in Serbia. One more week and I will be home with our son. Oh, how the days are dragging by! I cannot wait to hug my husband again!


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