Friday, December 3, 2010

Our First Thanksgiving

Today was our first full day together. It went well. We also celebrated Thanksgiving, since last week Phillip, Isaac, Max and Ivanna were still in Europe. It was surreal to see all eight children around my table. I feel so unworthy of such blessings. I truly do.

All around the table.

Getting loves from Daddy

Gabriel playing with Ivanna
Max and his sisters - who are really his "little" sisters! LOL.

Max loves this balloon.
We had a wonderful meal together, and a great day. I can't tell you how full my heart is. When I feed Ivanna her bottle, or lay Max down and tuck him in - I just can't get over the awe of it all. I know that this adoption would never had happened without God's leading, directing, provision and care. This is why I am so grateful.
Ivanna is doing very well with transitioning. She LOVES all the attention, and actually seeks it out. She likes to hold your hands and have you walk around with her walking. I have been feeding her baby food and formula bottles with rice cereal to make it more substantial. I can't wait to see her gain weight. Folks, she is SO tiny. She can easily wear a size 2T and size three shoe.
Max is doing well also. Although, in comparison with Ivanna, he is having a bit more difficult time adjusting. I think with the adjustment to the time change, and getting use to all the faces, things will become a bit easier for him. He is such a joy. His little eyes sparkle and he truly loves to laugh. He is also tiny, yet unlike Ivanna - walks and gets around without a problem. He currently likes figuring out the dog dish. I personally think he just likes to see my reaction to him flinging dog food everywhere! ;)
I will try and post here and there about their adjustment (and ours) ;)
I will be blogging more about family things on our family blog:
This blog will remain open, and as I mentioned above - used for how Ivanna and Max adjust, but also for advocating for other children and families, as well as anything else that could be helpful in the adoption community or regarding Down syndrome.
Thank you for the on going support and encouragement.


MissyB said...

I know I have said this before....but it truly is AMAZING to see how God is working in your family and the adoption of Max and Ivanna. I am also amazed because of God's leading in our adoption of little Brian. God is more amazing then I could ever express with words. It is a joy to see those beautiful children home with thier forever family. God hears and answers prayers. He alone is worthy of our praise and thanksgiving!

Faith for Hope said...

Beautiful!! You are so blessed... I know you know that, but it bears repeating. So thankful God lead you to them. Justus' DS was NOT in vain... the Lord always knows what He's doing and He let's us enjoy the benefits from it. We serve a truly loving God! Love you all! ~ Grace

Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that all the Brownings are home together. Phillip, you and Isaac are an incredible Dad/Son duo to bring those babies home like you did. I am sure Charrissa realizes how special both of you are. Max and Ivanna are beautiful and will bloom in your home with continued love. So glad to have met you in Kiev.

Everlyn still amazes me how well she has adapted to everyone and everything. She loves her siblings and they are so good with her. We are anxious for Christmas and her first birthday party in January when she will be 3 !!

Blessings to your family,

Linda Meyers

soontobemomof9 said...

Beautiful!!!! They are precious! I love the photo of you all at the table!



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