Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Gentle Girl

You may remember these photos from the post I wrote while still in country. If not, let me introduce you ...
This is Lorie, well - at least that is her photo listing name on the Reece's Rainbow website (www.reecesrainbow.org).
She is five years old, and was born with CP and a spinal hernia (surgically removed) that has left her with weak muscles and lower limbs. I was able to meet Lorie many times, and was quite touched by her sweet spirit. She has expressive eyes, and those eyes still tug at my heart.She is often found rocking or trying to console another one of the babies in her groupa. She smiles easily, feeds herself, and can walk if you hold both of her hands and help her.
One afternoon, as I arrived at Ivanna's groupa for afternoon visit, Lorie was at the door - sitting on the floor. She saw me and crawled to me. I reached out for her hands, she grabbed ahold and I sort of lifted her up to her feet. There she stayed, for a few minutes. Then I walked her back into the groupa and set her down as they handed Ivanna to me. Lorie cried. It was the first tie I heard her do so. It broke my heart. Oh, let me tell you - it is hard to go day after day encountering sick babies and children in such dire need of love and attention. I somehow felt bad that Ivanna was going outside, being loved on for four hours a day, and Lorie was not. Lorie is in the same groupa that Ivanna was in. The "sicker" groupa, the one that does not take outdoor trips, or have much visitors. While this is heart wrenching enough, Lorie is turning six in May. What does this mean? In this particular orphanage children are due to be transferred to a full blown mental institution at age six.
Lorie is running out of time.
I can't imagine what awaits her once transferred.

This sweet girl, who can't walk, but wiggled her way into my heart.

You can find Lorie's information on www.reecesrainbow.org
You can help by spreading the word about Lorie on your Facebook wall, or blog. You can donate to her grant, in an effort to help a family be able to commit to her, and you can pray for Lorie. If someone was either paper ready or even started the process now - you could rescue Lorie from being transferred.

Lorie. She is a gentle girl. A sweetheart of girl.
A REAL girl, with a REAL need.
I pray that hearts will be burdened for her.


Amanda said...

She is beautiful.

Jeff and Laurie said...

Oh how my heart aches for her, too... Have been following your journey and praying, praying for you all. I will be praying for Lorie... God bless you!!

Looking Up said...

Praying that she finds her forever family soon.


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