Monday, August 1, 2011

A Peek Into Sunday Morning

Yesterday, as we all scrambled to get ready for church I was able to grab my camera and "catch" Max being super uber cute. Our refrigerator didn't get the memo to transition from the 90's into our current decade - and so it still has that ultra swank black shiny veneer type covering on it. Perfect for little boys who like to catch their reflection. I got several images of Max looking at his reflection and loving every minute of it. Here are just a couple.

And of course, what's a Sunday morning peek into the Browning family life without a little (or a lot) of Ivanna's crazy bedhead.

Gotta love that little peanut and her crazy morning hair, who by the way - is doing fantastic and enjoying life to the fullest. She continually astounds me with her love of life and giggles and laughs more and more. (but NOT when mama brushes out her bedhead)

Every morning the littles eat pretty much the same menu - oatmeal. I know, many may think that boring. It is a healthy breakfast, inexpensive and easy for them to feed to themselves. I also incorporate fruit here and there.

What's this?

Could it be Max in a big boy chair? No more highchair for Max!!! This came about strictly out of my becoming tired of lugging a foldable highchair back and forth to my Dad's house (we go there often to care for the lawn, etc) So - I left it there and thought Max could certainly adapt - and he has!!

Max has also been sleeping now for nearly two months in his own big boy bed! No more playpen for him! We just have a baby gate up in the door so he doesn't "wander".

This happens to be the toy that is currently fought over in the house, and yes - even on a hectic Sunday morning the littles have time to grab their favorite toy and play. It's a Baby Einstein toy that lights up and plays classical music. They LOVE it. Every single one of the littles, yes - even our Ivanna pants!

Through all the craziness up a Sunday morning - we somehow manage to get the bedheads brushed out, the oatmeal cleaned up, the toy coveting to a halt and the end result is a pretty sharp looking crew. Here are the sweet sisters posing for a quick snapshot.

See? No more bedheads.

** To those who may be wondering - yest we did shut down our Facebook profile for a bit. We may come back in a few months. We are seeking to simplify our life in areas that we can. Facebook is one area. You can always check here or our family blog for updates. Have a bright and beautiful day today!! **


Renee said...

When I was a little girl, I used to play house with my little sister. I made my own detangler by disolving conditioner in some water in a spray bottle. It worked on my sister and the my little ponies nad barbies alike. :)

Mcarthur Mile said...

Love all the pics! It was so great to get to see you guys on Tuesday. It seemed like I had not seen you in forever. I can't believe how big the kids are all getting and how far Max and Ivanna have come. They were so sweet and quiet. Justus is such a sweetie. Hope you have a great week.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

Well what can I say? They look like they are doing great and every step of their growth is awesome to see. Ivanna pants huh? Oh man ......more Tommy-isms to come soon. Only 6-8 weeks. Cannot wait to see you all and hug all those kidlets(and yah I will throw some sassyness in today)- YEP kidlets that is what I called them and yet I still love them more than I could ever describe!!! :)Now, really I hope they all stay healthy and mama gets a little bit of an "easy" time for a bit. ~April

Jenny said...

Awww... such great photos. It's so wonderful to see all the kids growing so much, and to see Max and Ivanna doing so awesome!! Sunday mornings are a busy and blessed time. We love 'em. Thank you for sharing a glimpse into yours. The children and I really look forward to the next time we can visit with you all. God bless!

Rochelle said...

Wondered where you went. Been missing you. Hope you are doing well.

Sherry Noland said...

Hi, I was so disappointed when I couldn't find you on face book. Your family touches my heart so much. I actually look forward to the pics and updates you give. You never know how your life can touch someone elses. I will definitely be following your blog. May God continue to bless your family:)


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