Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pray for Tripp

My heart is heavy this morning with a burden. A burden that I feel is important to share in hopes that all of you will feel the absolute need for prayer.

I won't keep this long. I think the image below will speak for itself.

I ran across a blog yesterday, and ever since my heart hurts for a young family and little boy that nearly shares the same birthday as my Justus.

Literally ... my mother's heart hurts.

Meet Tripp.

Tripp is two years old. He was born with a disease known as Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa. His skin is so sensitive that it develops blisters and scabs over. He was not expected to live past a year, yet this little fighter has more to offer in teaching others.

Tripp's little eyes are no longer working properly. Tripp's ability to play has come to a halt. Tripp is in much pain.

Tripp and his precious family are in need of PRAYER.

Please go here to learn more about this family and Tripp's fight to endure.

Please consider how you may feel if you were facing some of the decisions and choices this family must face every day. Please leave them encouraging words, but most of all PRAY for them.


Faith for Hope said...

Praying right now for this precious baby and his family. Hugs, Grace

Cyann said...

Oh yes, Tripp's pain makes a lot of us hurt. The grace his family is showing during his battle is amazing...but then God is amazing. God never forgets us, especially during the difficult times. Tripp and his family are on my mind and in my heart. May God rain His mercy and blessings upon them.

Love, prayers & faith.

Jenny said...

This little boy has been on my heart for a very long time... I found his blog months ago and the Lord brought him to my mind often. Thank you for remindimg me again. What a terrible disease. Yet what a miracle all that he has gone through. Thanks for posting.


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