Monday, January 3, 2011

Crazy Bunch O' Brownings

So what kind of home did Max and Ivanna get adopted into ... really? Well, a crazy one. One made up of fifteen chickens, two rabbits, one dog, two other crazy girls, and four other life lovin' boys. A home with a Daddy who romps around on the floor like a horse for his three favorite princesses, and tromps outside in his mud boots teaching his boys the fine art of egg retrieving. A mom who is a lover of coffee and anything chocolate, and has the hips to prove it. That's what kind of home. A home - which not perfect by any means - that strives to magnify and bring honor and glory to Christ.
I love this crazy ... big ... chaotic ... full of energy ... and full of life ... home.
Told ya ... crazy.

Yes, that would be Chloe (3) on my Justus (1). *sigh*

Are those chubby cheeks I spy?

A little friendly wrestling ... on the stairs of all places. Safety First!!!

This is really cute. Max is taking a ball and sticking it in Ethan's neck hole to see it slide down his back. Then reaches in - only to repeat the whole process. Ethan is totally unbothered.

Max is lovin' big brothers.

Okay. These loaded backwards. This is a picture of Max trying to make his "Sing A Ma Jig" sing. I takes one hand and grabs two fingers to press the button. (BTW - those Sing A Ma Jigs are AWESOME - they sing in harmony with one another -

Ivanna loves to take things that dangle - like a ribbon or string with something heavy on the other end and swing it back and forth. She could do this for HOURS. So, I got her some jingle bells. Here she is ... so serious about it too!

Under the table is the BEST place for swinging the bells.

Max and Ivanna continue to blossom and thrive. Ivanna is really the one we see the most change in so far. She is chunking up very nicely. I'm curious to get a weight on her. They both had hearing tested today, and both seem to have some impairment to their hearing. Probably due to the fluid that was found in both Max's and Ivanna's ears. Why the fluid is there, we don't know. It could be due to years of untreated ear infections - which could have impacted their hearing. We will wait to see what our pediatrician suggests - as far as tubes, or any further testing. They both also had a bit more blood work done today. I am anticipating getting Ivanna's eyes checked this month as well. I think once she can focus better - it will help her to blossom even more. For now ... everyone seems to be adjusting quite well - in this our fifth week home from Europe.
Thanks for all the support and prayer. May your new year be filled with blessings of our Lord, and may you draw closer to Him as you fulfill His plan for you.

*** Oh, and thanks to all those who commented/emailed about the swallow/not so swallow test. It was indeed NOT a swallow test. So ... we are in the works to have a REAL swallow test scheduled with a speech therapist. THANK YOU!!!


Just Me @ My Domestic Experiments said...

I have never seen those sing a ma jigs before. Now I know what to get my sons for Christmas next year and they can play together. My oldest son had trouble with the hearing tests and ear fluid too. My ENT eventually after putting tubes in first did a ABRE test and found that there was no hearing problem at all. The ENT was more frequent than the PCP so if you have any questions e-mail or FB me. Now at 14 he only goes for check ups and has outgrown all the fluid issues. Thank you so much for posting about the cariologist miricle. I didn't read it at Christmas but it was a wonderful New Years blessing.

Mel said...

Love those Browning kidos!

Jenny B. said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing! They look great!

Anonymous said...

May I use a photo of Ivanna, Justus, and Max (seperate photos of each child) For a montage/video I am doing? You can email me at with your amswer and your fave photos of those three kiddos =)


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