Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Carrington and Kirill

Two stories have just recently shaken the international adoption community. Two different children, two different families, two entirely different scenarios, and two different countries. Yet - each family, child, and all others involved in these cases share one huge need: prayer.

The picture below is not photo shopped, nor altered in any other way. It is disturbing. This is a picture of a little girl with Down syndrome who just landed in the USA this month. In the orphanage, each child is dressed with several layers of clothing - and often (as I found out with Ivanna) you have no idea how truly tiny they are. Carrington was much more than just tiny folks - she was literally dying from starvation. She was living on borrowed time. As soon as they landed, the family skipped all the warm welcomes and rushed this poor sweetie to the hospital, where - doctors and nurses cried at the sight of her. It was concluded that she was indeed dying - and they needed to respond quickly. At three and a half years old, she weighed ... eleven pounds. Horrible. Carrington is still in the hospital, and the Burman family could use your prayer and encouragement. You can visit a blog to follow her progress here.

Carrington and the rest of the Burmans need the almighty hand of the GREAT PHYSICIAN to touch and heal this beautiful baby girl. Please pray for Carrington.

The next case is of a little boy in Russia. His name is Kirill. He has Down syndrome and is non verbal and currently lives in an orphanage. His family, the Davis' just recently went to Russia for their mandatory second trip to be seen by the judge and complete the court appointment. During this FIVE HOUR session - the judge decided against granting the Davis family the right to adopt little Kirill. The judge stated that staying in an institution was the best for this little boy. Why? Her reason, because he has Down syndrome - and is socially unable to adapt. Outrageous, and quite clearly a statement that is derived from just not knowing what these beautiful children are capable of. This judge made this decision despite the contrary opinion of EVERYONE else in the courtroom. The Davis family are in the midst of an appeal. This story has reached so many within the media - uncovering the injustice of this decision. Every child, adaptable or not, deserves the opportunity to have been loved by a family. I ask that you pray for the Davis family, and other families that are scheduled to meet before this same judge: the Hook family and Moreno family. You can follow Kirill's journey: here.

Tiny Kirill - in Tesney's arms. Hmmm - doesn't look like he is "socially unable to adapt" to me.

I will say that the photos of Carrington are a slap in the face reminder of the need. Not just the need for families, but the absolute horrible living conditions that some of these children face. It truly breaks my heart. It angers me that there are these types of cases. The need is huge - and some would say that it is so big, so many orphans, that it is insurmountable. Yes, the orphan crisis is big.

Our God ... He is bigger.

I will also say that you can't change the world with the adoption of one child, but you can change the world for that child. Carrington's future has been changed. She no longer sits in an orphanage dying. She is now being covered by prayer for healing, and care for her physical needs. She is being loved on by a family who puts their trust in Christ. I'd say her world has changed ... quite a bit.

Kirill deserves that same chance of having his world change. Let's pray for those who are responsible for deciding the appeal. Let's pray Kirill home.


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