Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Park Visit

So I promised a heavy photo post awhile back - and here it is. *sigh* Better late than never. :)

We had Physical Therapy today for Max and Ivanna. I am blessed that there is a local therapist who comes to my home for them both. I would typically have to enroll them in a public school program called "Child Find" or take them to a private therapist in office all due to their age. Justus receives care in home too, but that is typical until a child is three years old. So ... the kids got quite a work out today. I love ther PT. She takes no gruff from Miss. Ivanna Pants - bossy britches. Ivanna is lazy. She doesn't like to be pushed into new territory as far as development is concerned. You really (I mean REALLY) have to push the girl. During the PT visit, I looked out my window and saw the sun was out. A rare thing here in the Pacific Northwest during this time of year. The sun tempted me. Yes, I had a pile of dishes. Yes, laundry coming out my earholes. Yes, kids had not finished school yet. Yes, Yes... all those responsible type things beckoned me to stay home and be a big girl ... but they lost. I waved our PT goodbye, bellowed out to the kids to get their mudboots and coats on, and sent Phillip a quick text that said: The house is a mess. The school is not done, and dishes are in the sink. We are going to the park! Of course, I heard no arguments from the kids as they got in the van in record time. Probably hoping I would not change my mind. So ... off to the park we went:

Chloe is totally lovin it!

Ivanna on the swing. It was soooo cold, but this girl LOVES the breeze in her hair!

Isaac is not impressed by my camera abilities.

Ethan is loving being outside and playing when he should be finishing seatwork.

Max is LOVING the swing, but I'm not loving the glasses transition to sun glasses thing. I don't know ... seems a bit cheesy to me. Hmmmm...

Justus. Cute as a button.

First time in a swing.

Gabriel, my handsome boy!

Ellie girl. Usually full of smiles.

This is inside on another day. I love his glasses! (just not sure about the lenses having that transition stuff on them) The glasses at Specs4Us are awesome!!

Ivanna Pants showing us her pretty smile.

Okay. Thought I would show you how I have been fairing in trying to get Ivanna to feed herself. It is trying ... to say the least. She does NOT like doing new things. She will fight you, yell out, turn her head, and all out cry because you are trying to get her to do something new. Part of it is sensory perhaps - but I think the majority of it is she has never been expected to do anything. So ... why start now?

Because Ivanna - Mama needs you to feed yourself. I need you to have victory in this and move on to your next goal.

She will not pick up that spoon and hold it. So ... I read somewhere once of a mom who connected the spoon via a hair scrunchy. IT WORKS! It stays in her hand. Now, getting her to dip the spoon into her bowl and put food into mouth: another story. She also cocks her head to the side when she herself is made to put food in mouth. This makes it so the spoon goes into her mouth sideways. I need a spoon that is twisted. Do they make those?

Any suggestions???


Amanda said...

So adorable! What a great day for the kiddos! My glasses do the transition also and I don't care for it. It takes a long time for them to transition back. Although he does look pretty stylin with his shades! Lol

B.E.Hughes said...

Good for you putting PE class ahead of seat work on the most beautiful day in March (so far!). You're the boss, so I am glad you had fun! Seat work can wait for rainy days, right?
Beautiful moments captured for us... love it. Thank you!

deanie said...

Yeah, cute as bugs. Love that Gabriel... you are going to have teenage girls hovering around him one day. How about a swivel spoon? There are also twisted spoons, shorter/longer handles. Niky's favorite is longer handled and all one texture. It is like Lil Tikes play toys.
Everyone looks so good :)

Looking Up said...

Sometimes a day at the park is the best therapy.....for the kids & for mom!!!!!!

Sherry Noland said...

Pictures are adorable as usual. I'm glad you had a good day at the park. And,all the work waited on you didn't it:) I know what you're going through with Ivanna. Connor has always had a similar disposition. I'm not so sure it is lazy as much as it has to be when he's ready. He was forever walking and feeding himself. But, now at 4.5 he feeds himself wonderfully...even ice cream in a bowl. But, he does have a lot of sensory issues. Brushing teeth and combing hair is among the few! Thanks for the updates and pics!

Jenny B. said...

How fun! Great idea! What a sweet time. As far as the lenses...yes, they are horrible for pictures, but these days they transition back fairly quickly, don't look any different inside (not a darker shade), and protect his precious eyes, when everyone else has the option of sunglasses. I have them in my current glasses, only b/c I got them when I was in a constantly sunny environment where I was not able to wear my contacts and was outside often (Afghanistan). Anyhow, I vote yes to keeping them that way. You just might have to take them off once in a while for pictures, or get him a pair of prescription sunglasses. :)

Mcarthur Mile said...

They look so cute in the glasses! Praying for the feeding. I am so glad you took a park day..those days are so needed sometimes. The rest will always take care of itself! All the kids look great. I can not believe how old the boys are getting.

Mama Nuke said...

OH they are all so adorable. I will add Ivannas eating to my prayer list. Glad there is one thing conquered holding the spoon. Every little thing is a BIG thing. Awesome job mom! Okay now I must admit I cried a little when I read this. Why? When you called her Ivanna pants I just kinda lost it. HAHA. Preg hormones I guess but mostly b/c I miss you all and I am happy for all the victories the Lord has supplied in the last year for you all. Much love from Mama Nuke pants.

Faith for Hope said...

Love the pics!!!! Wish we could have been at a park yesterday... you were right, it WAS gorgeous outside!! Will bring our curved spoon/fork tomorrow to piano lessons... hope it might work. Love their glasses. TOO CUTE!!
~ Grace

Maria and Family said...

The park trumps inside anyday! I love the glasses and Ivanna in the last picture? Stunning ! You are doing a great job mama!! Oh and Taiya said her first words yesterday! She said "out" when I went to get her from the crib ! Like a little ET :) sooo cute. And she said Mom,mom, mom, mom When I walked away while feeding her ! YAY for our girls!


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