Monday, March 7, 2011

Where I'm Called

Have you ever had one of "those" days? Of course you have. Everyone does. Well, today - was "one of those days". It started by me being greeted by my fourteen year old dog's mess in my entry way. He's old - and getting older, some things just can't wait. Ugh. I do what any mom of eight kids would do - ignore it and walk to the coffee maker. I get the coffee going, set little #1 in the excersaucer and start the cleanup process. Then it just seemed like things spun out of control. Rather than bore you with the details: suffice it to say, my attitude had taken a turn for the worse.

It was during lunch time that I had this conversation with my five year old daughter, Ellie:

E ~ Mom, you know - I really want to go to South America.
Me ~ Why?
E ~ You know ... to go fishin' and stuff.
Me ~ huh.
E ~ But, I guess it really is up to God. I'll go anywhere he calls me to.
Me ~ (thinking - wow!) Oh, Ellie - that is very sweet. Yes, you should do whatever God has called you to do.
E ~ Mom, what has God called you to do?
Me ~ Oh, Ellie. (thinking about it ... then smiling) God called me to be a mommy and a wife. To love you kiddos. To stay home and make sure you are all cared for.
*** That's when it dawned on me. God was using my Ellie to remind me of my calling. No, it didn't matter that things get squirrelly here and there. Those were all ... just stuff. I was called to be a mommy. To love these kiddos. To enjoy my calling ... ***
I kissed Ellie on the head, and we lingered over lunch.

When I heard Max upstairs giggling for the third time, when he should be napping - I went up there, pulled him out, sat him in my lap and .... rocked him as I stroked his hair.

I love it when God taps you on the shoulder and gently reminds you of what you have forgotten.
needed that today


Amanda said...

Oh how sweet!

Jessica said...

Very. VEry sweet:) I love that little girl... If I have a little girl, I hope to raise her as sweet as Ellie....

Ben and Melanie said...

Yes...Sooo True! Thanks for sharing...It is these simple(yet not so simple)reminders from God, that we can know how much he cares... and how much others need us to care for them!

Faith for Hope said...

Yes, had "my day" today too! Thanks for the reminder.Give Ellie a hug from me and tell her I said thank you too. Love ya, Grace

Jenny B. said...

Oh, that's goooood.


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