Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting Ready

Do you remember that little face? Yes, it is Brady. Little Brady has a family preparing to come take him out of the mental institution he now resides in ... forever.

The Hartman family could use your prayer, encouragement and support. They are working to raise the very last of what they need. They were submitted to the SDA last Thursday. I know from experience - that this means their travel date is coming VERY soon. The Hartmans have a few fundraisers that you can check out at their blog: here.

I remember sitting in the foyer of a church our dear friend pastors - we were visiting, and Phillip was given the opportunity to share a brief testimony. We, ourselves, were preparing to go overseas and adopt our own little Max and Ivanna. I sat that morning in the foyer with a fussy Justus. Sitting next to me ... was Brady's soon to be mama. How sweet that memory will always be to me. A short, unremarkable conversation about our adoption, our son Justus, and how beautiful Down syndrome is. A small chit chat between moms.

I had no idea that God had been doing a work. That God would spark a flame in this family's heart for this little boy:

I am thankful for the Hartmans. I am thankful for Christ who is responsible for putting the burden before those who will answer His calling. I am thankful that Brady's future ...

his world ...

is about to change.

Praise be to God.

Please visit the Hartmans and let them know you will be praying for them. Maybe donate a few dollars - or just leave an encouraging word. Be sure to follow their blog. They will soon travel - and you don't want to miss that first meeting!


Ben and Melanie said...

Charrissa...It`s only morning...I just got up and am sorting my emails...Here I am crying my eyes out in my coffee! I to shall never forget that conversation...Oh how I had no idea what the Lord would show us...! Thank you... Bless You!!!

Faith for Hope said...

Charrissa, We all know how busy you are ... some of us can only imagine what your day must be like. Thank you for not being TOO busy to help others and remind us about these precious children still waiting for their families! Love ya much, Grace


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