Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Authentic Loose Beach Glass

Okay ... this is truly a special item. This is a lot of beach glass and tiny shells that MY BOYS, Isaac, Gabriel and Ethan, have collected from the beach near our home. They have diligently walked down to the water and picked through what the beach has to offer in hopes of helping to bring their brother and sister home.

~~ makes my heart melt~~

What do you do with beach glass? Well, WE LOVE to scatter it around the house - on my mantle or in a little corner on a shelf. We also like to put it in a clear little vase - makes for a pretty presentation. I know that many other - much more creative people than I - will make jewelry from it. I'm a bracelet nut - and think a bracelet made from it would be lovely.

Bidding on this lot of Beach Glass starts at $1.00


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