Thursday, August 19, 2010

Younger pictures

These pictures are a bit older, but are the ones listed on a website that has many children from this country photo listed. LOOK AT THEM! My heart melts and I can't wait to bring them home.
Ivanna looks quite a bit healthier to me in this picture. I feel this may mean that she really needs to get some medical treatment for her heart condition. Her face looks a tad bit more red around the eyes now. The fact that she is not walking yet, is a bit concerning as far as her heart is concerned. I have already spoken to our cardiologist and she is anticipating meeting both children. She filled me in on some things to expect as well. I love her ~ she is terrific!
Matthew's eyes are so striking! I don't know yet, the exact situation that both sets of parents faced as they gave these beautiful children up, I am sure it was difficult - and even more so as they would have had to look at these two beautiful babies and say goodbye.
I ... just ... can't ... imagine ...
Yet, these children were given the blessing of life ~ and now we get to provide the blessing of a home!
I saw these pictures and saved them. They are a treasure. Please pray as our I-600A application awaits approval. May it be a fast process ~ we need to get these little ones home ~
Until then ~ may God continue to keep them safe and cared for.


Lacey said...

I am absolutely dying that I have two pics of Makayla, from the same day. She is a mere couple months old. Soon she will be one. I know when I get to the orphanage, I'm not going to recognize her at all! I wish she was on that website, its killing me!

Looking Up said...

You are in our prayers.

The Farmer Gang said...

I cant wait to meet them. They will be a blessing to all of us. I am so glad God has opened your family heart to take them in. We are praying everyday that it goes so fast so we can meet them. I am here if you need anything.


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