Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yesterday was a BIG day at our local credit union. Poor ladies, I think they truly want to run for the hills when they see our family walk through the doors. We almost always go there now to notarize documents. With all the stringent rules that Matthew and Ivanna's country has regarding notarizing documents - it truly is not the funnest task. The notary's stamp has to be active for at LEAST the next year, cannot be smudged, touching lines/text, upright - not tilted and the notary's signature needs to be in blue - which is completely contrary to the way government documents are typically done - with black ink being the preferred ink amongst local people in the know.

Well, yesterday we walked in the credit union on TWO separate occasions for the sole purpose of notarizing. First time was with our dear deputy assessor (of which now I have given our web address - and I must admit that my "dirty car" secret must now be out) - he very kindly got his signature re-notarized.

The second visit was for 22 more documents, all of which are for our dossier. I am so excited to now say we have only SEVEN more documents to finish in order to have a COMPLETED DOSSIER! EEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!
Whew ... I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. So, please pray there are no hiccups with any of these documents that are left.

We also received a preliminary home study report from our social worker today. I know ... it has taken a looooong time. I comfort myself with knowing that God has it all under control. Besides, our social worker has MANY clients as he handles all of our state. Yes, there are other social workers - but he is very good and very kind. So, I went through it this afternoon and after the team with Reece's Rainbow gives us the okay - we will send that off with our immigration application to the USCIS. (please pray for this NOW as it is taking a LONG time for approval from them)

So - that is where we are right now with our paperwork. We are also working VERY hard at organizing the next blog auction (starts next week) and our Benefit seafood boil. I hope you will join us for that - and invite friends. We would love to meet and fellowship with you! Thank you for all of your support and prayer.

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