Friday, August 6, 2010

Sweet Brian Needs our Help

This little boy has captured my heart. I have talked about him in previous posts. We inquired about him at the same time we inquired about Matthew and Ivanna. We were told at that time that someone was interested in committing to him. I was a bit crushed - but thrilled at the same time that he would have a home, because the institution was in his future and it was at that time one that did not allow adoptions. So once transferred he was done. A few weeks passed and I never saw his picture move to the "my family found me" page. I wrote Andrea (RR director) and asked about him. The family was unable to commit. He has been listed on the RR website for TWO YEARS and our family and the other has been the only families that have inquired about him. We have considered adding him to our adoption, but he is in a different region - one that is a good while away from Matthew and Ivanna. It would cost quite a bit to add him, as well as require a second dossier. Not impossible - but tricky to do it. I wish they could transfer him to Matthew and Ivanna's orphanage so we could just include him in our adoption. My wishes aside, he needs a family.
Look at him. He is beautiful. He is just beautiful. If you cannot adopt him - consider praying for him. Prayer can move people to do great things - please help him by doing this. He is also the Child of the Month on the RR site right now. This is in hopes to plump up his grant account to help off set the costs of adoption. Brian will be five in November. His little buddy, Brady - was just transferred: please help Brian to avoid that same fate. Pass along his information; help find his forever family - I PLEAD WITH YOU...

BRIAN - Orphanage 23

Boy, Born November 25, 2005

Brian is a bundle of love :) Blonde hair and big brown eyes, he is waiting for his family to come for him. He was born with hydronephrosis and does have hypthyroidism.

Brian is nearing 5 and needs a family quickly. He is blessed to still be at the baby house, which is one of the nicer ones. We have had several families adopt from here, and this region is a beautiful place to visit. There are MANY children with Down syndrome and other special needs waiting in this orphanage who can be adopted together.

Hope someone will consider Brian!
Go to for more information. Brian is located in the "children at risk" area.


Julia said...

If Brian goes to the same place Brady has gone - there is hope. Brady is in Aaron's institute and if we can get Aaron's adoption through - then the door is opened wide at that institute for other boys to be reached. So PRAY FOR OUR ADOPTION.. Pray that if Brian is transferred the he will be sent to the same location - Pray that the family that wants Brady is able to get him... JUST PLAIN PRAY!!

Looking Up said...

Praying for all of these precious little ones. God is more than able!!!!


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