Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A *Jaxson's Blankies for Babes* blankie

Bidding starts at: $1.00

This blankie was donated by Jaxson's mommy, Lacey Rugg. Jaxson has on-going medical issues as well as has been blessed with an extra chromosome. Lacey has made it a ministry to make these blankets for critically ill children. These are beautiful blankets and have such a meaning behind them. Lacey and her family are also adopting from the SAME orphanage that Matthew and Ivanna are in. We correspond regularly - and I have made it a priority to pray for their adoption and Jaxson's health.

For more information on Jaxson visit: www.jaxsonsfight.blogspot.com

For more information on the Rugg adoption: www.bringmakaylamariehome.blogspot.com

For more information on Jaxson's Blankies for Babes: www.jaxsonsblankiesforbabes.blogspot.com

**** JAXSON UPDATE**** Jaxson is currently in the ICU (PICU) because his heart and lungs are not doing well. He was rushed via ambulance last week and is still there. He has been vented and re-vented numerous times. My heart breaks for Lacey as I think back to Justus being in the CICU. BUT - Jax is far more sick. Please PRAY for him. Pray for the Rugg family. This is NOT the time for this to be happening, as they prepare to go out of country.

Please stop by Jaxson's blog and leave a comforting comment. They need your encouragement.



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