Saturday, August 14, 2010


Thank you to those who have registered thus far for the Benefit Seafood Boil. We appreciate all the support and encouragement. It really does mean the world to us - as this journey at times, can be overwhelming. I hope that those who are planning to attend will register soon. Registration is important because it helps us to know how many people to plan for. We certainly don't want to overspend by purchasing too much - but also want to be sure we are planning enough as well. So, please encourage those you know are attending, to register by clicking on the Benefit Seafood Boil "button" on the right side of this post. You may need to scroll down just a tad.

We are also providing child care at the Boil. It's not mandatory that you use it - as we love for children to be apart of the dinner, etc. Just an alternative for those who are looking to enjoy a little time with their loved one. Child care is free - and a BBQ meal is provided to the children. It is also on site, and so you don't need to go to a separate location. Very convenient.

We know that this evening will be special, even if just a few of us gather. We will be having a local boyscout troop serving the tables and young musicians playing the piano. Our heart is that many will be reminded of how precious each child is ~ ~ ~

I hope you will attend ~ it would mean so much to our family to spend time with you and yours in such a beautiful location.

** A bit of an update ** We received our finalized/notarized home study yesterday - and wasted no time in filling out our I-600A application for the USCIS and mailing it with our home study today. We hope that the approval won't take long (please pray it doesn't). The country we are adopting from goes on holiday between November and February! That means no new submissions during this time. So ~ we need to submit our dossier by October in order for a travel date this year. We are very excited to be in this phase of our journey. We are nearly complete with our dossier requirements - and only have five more documents to finish. Our second auction seems to be doing quite well (praise the Lord) and we even have had several inquiries if we will hold a third auction. So we are entertaining that idea now - perhaps for October? Let me know if that is something you think would be a good idea. THANK YOU to all ~ for your participation in auction, coming to the Boil, and for your prayer!


Jenny said...

Hello my sweet friend! How exciting that things are coming right along on the paperwork side. Dan and I look forward to the benefit dinner day!! My heart has been pondering a little thought that I wanted to pass along...I've been thinking about all the work involved in the fund raising (oh my!)- and how tiring it must be. At the same time I am seeing many of my facebook acquaintances completing law school and studying and working so very hard for that end prize - their diploma. My mind thinks to your end prize. As you know, there is no comparison. It must be so exhausting now, but by this time next year, it will be a distant memory. Think of this time of your life as college finals. Hang in there, my friend... every dollar earned gets you that much closer to bringing them HOME!! Oh, how I can't wait for the day. I have enjoyed reading others' journeys that are doing the same thing, reading every little detail of their first visit to the orphanage. I cannot wait until your turn comes up! I can't wait to see those first photos of Matthew and Ivanna in your arms!! So. Very. Exciting.

Jenny B. said...

Yay! I saw that your timeline had been added too! So amazing to think that the day you finally bring your babies home is getting closer! We'll be praying for you!


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