Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Gift

We were playing outside this morning with Maxim and Ivanna, when Lydia - one of the ladies from Maxim's groupa came and asked for me to follow her. I took Ivanna out of my arms and put her in Isaac's lap. I followed her obediently back into the orphanage and up the stairs to Maxim's groupa.
When I walked in Lydia started to beckon to Natasha to come out. Out Natasha came with a pretty little gift bag. She sheepishly handed it to me, and they both motioned for me to open it.
Inside was a beautiful little figurine depicting two white doves. They had also filled out a card, all in Russian. ;) I immediately started to cry. How very sweet. These ladies, who have cared for, loved on, nursed through illness and watched Maxim grown - thought to give ME a gift. I was overwhelmed.
I called my translator and asked her to translate the card, as Natasha read it. It basicly stated congratulations to me as we were adding Maxim to our family and how they knew he was a beautiful child and would do so well.
Despite the language barrier, difference in culture - we all three stood there in Maxim's groupa and wept; hugging and kissing one another on the cheek. I will NEVER forget this moment. I motioned to them both that they were in my heart, that I was thankful for the gift and that I LOVED Maxim so much.
These two ladies have been the most welcoming. They have gone out of their way to try and communicate to us regarding Maxim and various other things. We have their address and plan on sending the asked for pictures of Maxim growing and thriving. We also hope to be a blessing to them with other shipments as well.
Have I said what an incredible honor this whole journey has been? If not, let me say so now -
I have hope to not forget it.

Phillip pushing Maxim (in our stroller) and Justus and Ivanna (sharing a stroller).

Maxim is pushing the bag back and forth and thinks it is hilarious! Ivanna keeps trying to eat those strings on her hat. Silly girl. Justus is just "hangin"

Last night's visit, Isaac playing with Maxim.

In the safety of Maxim's groupa waiting area - and from the encouragement from Natasha, I took off most Ivanna's clothing. It is SO hot in this room, poor baby. When I peel off the layers she always looks so tiny to me. Tonight I scratched her back, she loved it. Natasha keeps trying to confirm that Ivanna really truly is almost five years old (her birthday is November 26th). She then will point to Maxim and I can tell that she is saying that they are the same age, but different in size. Maxim is also pretty tiny, but well nourished. I had a tranlator confirm my assumption. Yes, Natasha is suprised that Maxim and Ivanna are the same age, but so different in size. She cannot believe she is five.
We also celebrated Isaac's birthday yesterday evening. We went to the mall/market area - got some Tiramsu, and fixings to make chicken fingers, garlic mashed potatoes and beets at home. It was yummy. Happy Birthday Isaac!!! He turned twelve!


MissyB said...

What a beautiful post, what a meaningful gift and a truly amazing journey for you! What an honor that God would call on your family and Lord willing ours...Potvins and Bowdens to raise up His precious orphans for His glory! Love you sweet friend!

B.E.Hughes said...

I cannot believe our "little Isaac" is 12! Oh my! Love that kiddo. He is such a "man" and a credit to his Dad's influence!

Faith for Hope said...

Your family makes an incredible impact for the LORD no matter where you go! Thank you for being such a wonderful testimony and encouragement to the rest of us. Let me know when you plan to send something to these sweet ladies. We'd like to send something too! I, too, do not want to forget those left behind .... those we have come to know and be thankful for over the past few weeks.
Again, I say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Isaac! I have been blessed by watching you grow and mature these past... wow, almost 6 years! You are a sweet young man and we all love you.
P.S. Ahem...Charrissa RR NW do I hear it calling??!! = ) Just thinking that's all. = )
Many prayers, Grace Psalm 90:17

Tom and April said...

Oh how sweet a gift that comes from the heart! What a precios figurine to cherish always! We love you and hope Isaac got our birthday message :) Give all the kids hugs from us, our family is praying for you. Thanksgiving! OK and we are praying for a layover in Boston or NY.

April said...

I don't think I have ever heard of an adoptive parent receiving a gift, what an incredibly sweet gesture. Your family must have made quite an impression on them. And yes, Matthew is a very beautiful boy, it's nice to know they see it as well.

I am so glad to hear that dear sweet Ivanna is taking a bottle and I love the "stealth" feedings.

Happy birthday to Isaac! What an amazing experience to have on your birthday. Oh, the stories he will be able to tell.

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

In tears, myself, reading this! And you know they probably are not wealthy by any stretch of anyone's imagination. I imagine they gave out of their need, not their want... making it all the more precious.

Happy Birthday to your son, Isaac!

Blessings to you as you continue this journey. I'm absolutely thrilled for all of you and can't wait to see Gotcha Day and when you get home! lol I'll be in tears on those posts too, count on that!


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