Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Just a little update -
Phillip and my oldest son, Isaac - are still both in country finishing up the last details before coming home with both Max and Ivanna. On Tuesday they spent the day running around to both children's birth regions (a bit of a drive to both cities) and got new birth certificates then they even had time to go back to the orphanage and grab both kiddos and take them to the appropriate agency for passport applications. This was a HUGE move in the right direction and also a BIG answer to prayer that so much was accomplished in one day. We were unsure if he was even able to get both birth certs in the same day due to the hours of operation vs. travel. So the fact that everything was done in one day is awesome! Now ... we wait. We are waiting for the passports, which usually take four days. So, with the weekend being smack dab in the middle of our wait game, that puts us at Monday. Monday is a BIG day. That is the day the kiddos will forever say goodbye to the orphanage. Of course, anything could happen to delay this, but this is the plan. Monday will also be the day that Phillip, Isaac, Max and Ivanna travel back to the capital. Once there they will take the children to the embassy for their medical checks which is required for visa. The embassy thing is a two day procedure. The visas should be given right away, after the required paperwork is filled out and checked and kids pass medicals. Then ... they fly out!!!! So ... again I ask for prayer. That this will all go smoothly. That the children would transition well, that there will be no delay with embassy, that the travelling from region to capital will be safe, and that they can indeed fly out safely next week. THANK YOU!!!


Jenny B. said...

YIPPPEEE!! That is GREAT news!! Can't wait to hear that they are finally home and see the homecoming pics! Praise the Lord!!

Garth and Becky said...

You are so, so very close to all being together and it's very exciting! Praying all goes well with the last few steps.

Faith for Hope said...

Praying,praying,praying!!!!! So close... I know you can't wait to hold them at home. Praying ALL goes well. Praying for big brother Isaac and Dad too. We love you all and are looking forward to this year's Christmas photo. = ) Love and prayers, Grace P.S. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!


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