Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ivanna Makes Progress

There is a lot to mention in this post. I will try to scan over court. Yesterday morning, we "happened" to find out that court was actually that evening and not the next day (today) as we had anticipated. That was fine, really - no arguments from me. We found out because we had called our facilitator to help translate for us while we were at our morning visit and the babushkas needed to tell us something. Anyhow, we were told to be ready by 4:00pm because court was at 4:30pm.
We were ready ... and waiting at the corner of the orphanage gates. Our translator was late due to traffic, and we were stressed. Great! This is exactly NOT the impression you want to make on the judge - tardiness.
At about 4:30 or right around there, our translator (sweet young woman) pulls up with our driver and off we went ... again dodging traffic, but this time I didn't care that we were passing in what should be no pass zones... just get us there! ;)
We walked into the guarded courthouse and went up cement steps that had seen better days long ago. We gathered in what could be called a foyer, but just a really big hallway and ... yup ... you guessed it ... waited. Even though we were late - we waited. BUT, this is a PRAISE because that meant we still were okay - no tarnished image due to tardiness.
The judge showed up: woman. The orphanage lawyer was there: woman. Another representative from the orphanage: woman. The prosecutor was present: woman, and two representatives for the jury: both women.
Poor hubby - outnumbered.
We were told quickly how things would go - stand everytime addressed. What questions would be asked, and on and on. I was so nervous because all I could really see and focus on was that big ole' cage in the room that they keep the inmates in. YIKES ... talk about intimidating.
We decided that Phillip would do the speaking. (I quietly decided that I would do the praying) ... and our sweet translator would try and keep up.
Really, it was truly no big deal. There were a few questions regarding our size of family. Could we care for two more special needs children with how many children we have already? Would the government give us monetary help? What was our income like? Would we be putting them in daycare and if so, would we be paying the bill?(we think this particular question was asked to see if they were simply going from one institution [orphanage] to another type of government supplemented institution).
A few more questions, and reading of the new names - and we were done!
Now we wait ten days for the court decree to be given, and it to be deemed official and then we are off and running for passport applications, etc.
Explanation of their names:
Matthew Maxim
(Matthew was his photolisting name, and we are keeping it because this is how so many people know him and have been praying for him - but Maxim is his real birth name - and so, while his first name is technically Matthew, we call him Maxim)
Ivanna Marie
(Ivanna was her photolisting name AND her real name. Marie is a family name that every woman in my family has as a middle name)
Now... for the good stuff ... pictures.
Ivanna is making progress with taking fluids. When we first saw her, she was so dehydrated. I tried to give her "my" bottle I had bought, but no go. Then I would spoon apple juice in her mouth. Well, I am happy to say - that today she took TWO whole bottles from me and wanted more.

I love seeing them together. Ivanna really loves watching Maxim. Maxim is always playing, goofing off and giggling. She will smile at his antics. Pretty cute stuff.

She was so cute. She will take your arm and pull it to her so you know she wants more juice. Pretty smart little girl.

Maxim is enthralled with books.

The following pictures of Ivanna in the leaves is from yesterday, but with court being in the evening I did not post them. She was so cute. She sat in the leaves, and then tried to eat them. She put her little hands on the dirt, and then very quickly removed them - as if she was startled at the feeling of it. I have a feeling this is the first time she has felt dirt, or sat on the ground for that matter. Well, she is a Browning now - and I am sure that Chloe and Ellie will give her great mud pie making lessons.

"Oh, what are these crunchy things? They must be for munching on!" For a girl who is on liquids, she sure likes to put things in her mouth. Soon it will be the right kind of solids - food not leaves sweet girl.

Ewwww ... dirt.
Funny girl - there will be so many new things to discover!


Faith for Hope said...

I can't wait!!!! I am sooo happy for you all.... like a dream come true! They were meant for your family, no doubt about that. So, is it Max or Maxium?
Hugs for all,

Kelly said...

Give that sweet daughter of yours potato chips! LOL These posts are so heartwarming. I am so glad to see all the wrinkles have been divinely smoothed. It truly is amazing. Your growing family is so beautiful. I wish I still lived nearby so I could get to know them all better. Thanks for keeping such a wonderful blog.

Mcarthur Mile said...

Maxx is so excited to have another Max....( can you tell he is a little prideful?) O what a blessing it is to our hearts to see these pictures and to hear about your journey. We are praying for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Your Sister Donna says:
My heart and mind will not keep sining "Jesus loves the little children ALL the children of the world".

Anonymous said...

Funny typo that was "singing" LOL

Vi Abing said...

Pictures are worth a thousand words and these pictures show it all. Praise God for how smoothly things are going. Praying for your safe journey home and the wonderful homecoming.


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